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Naan, naan, naan, naan… Batman! Vegan naan recipe!



Hi this is Caroline from WDBNK and the recipe today will be an Indian Naan bread Take 500 grams of flour a double pinch of salt and coconut yogurt I add yeast mixture to it

Let it rest for about 30 minutes So the naan bread rested now for half an hour what we need now is some oil Flatten the dough and add the spices that you would We have Nigella so the second one will be a garlic naan the third one will be with chilli we chopped some fresh herbs here we have peppermint and this is something very special it's a grass that tastes like cilantro of course if you have cilantro you can take it but I don't have cilantro in my garden so I will use this

Source: Youtube

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