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Hi welcome to Authentic Aroma Today we are going to make Cafe Style Cheese Loaded Baked Veggie Nachos Making it is very simple Here I have taken regular tortilla chips We'll layer it in our baking dish You can use any tortilla chips for this recipe Now we'll put our refried beans Its recipe is on my channel I linked to the button above We'll layer the refried beans We are going to add 1 big onion sliced Now we put 2 medium tomatoes cut You can do any ingredients for this recipe 1 cup homemade salsa Its recipe is on my channel I have also put the recipe in the description box below

1/4 cup green and black olive Chopped coriander A lot of mozzarella cheese Will repeat our process layering again Will repeat our process layering again Will repeat our process layering again Will repeat our process layering again Next we will do the last layer of our tortilla chips If you have any ingredients left, then you can insert now Lastly add lots of mozzarella cheese I am wearing black and green olives for her decoration In the last, we will put Halepeno Pepper If you do not have halpen peppers, you can use regular green chillies Real Mexican Tast Chai To Hellepino Pepper Only Our baked nachos are ready Now we'll put our nachos in the oven to back them to 350 degrees Celsius When your nachos are back then keep checking in between bitches so that they do not burn Because not all oven temperatures are the same Our nachos have taken 10 minutes to get back See that our nachos are ready Not looking good Our cheese melts well Up a little bit crispy See that water comes in the mouth Hanna Tasty and Cheesy Now we'll garnish it with coriander And always nachos are eaten with guacamole So that's why on top of the nachos, cool down a bit, after that we'll put 1 scoop of guacamole on it So if you want to see Guacamole recipe, it is also on my channel I will link on the button And put it in the description box You can make restaurant style guacamole just like outside by watching this recipe So you must try this recipe because this recipe is liked by the elders, children and everyone

If you liked this recipe then please subscribe to my channel Like this video And don't forget to comment below I'll see you next recipe Thanks for watching, BYE BYE!

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New Cookery Recipes
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