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Nasi Lemak Cookery Challenge and Recipe // Jessie & Claud // Malaysia Travel Vlog [CC]


[UltraVid id=273 ]nasi lemak a rice dish made up of many separate parts is considered Malaysia’s national dish and of course we could not leave Malaysia without learning how to cook it thankfully Jen’s homegrown cooking Academy in Kuala Lumpur offers a wonderful course and I really hope that I manage to do it justice and can now make it when they get home first up the fast and furious salad genuinely she calls it that she is the legend this consists of cucumbers canned pineapple chili shallot lime and vinegar grab the end of the cucumber against the part you’ve just chopped off to help remove impurities and the bitter taste peel and remove the seeds of the Hugenberg before chopping [Music] rubbing the chilly between your hands breaks away the seeds which then you can easily remove once you’ve chopped it open thinly slice the shallots and add in season to taste this is Ruth Anne’s daughter my der the second accompaniment is baked tumeric chicken River – you survive nasi lemak to me is about bringing several components together you know it’s not not so much just anything over you know overdoing the rest wanting to combine that’s the National okay and nasi lemak actually it’s a breakfast started as a breakfast maybe you have just arrived a little bit eventually some you can burn someone it is some bomb enemy and today I can even get them I’m selling sweets for about a dollar really okay so for me when you use chicken wings overtaking yeah yeah okay do you don’t have to nasi lemak doesn’t have to be surface chicken but it it’s really really good when it is the baked tumeric chicken we use ginger chicken rings garlic chicken stock because garlic really works way you know stimulates very anything actually pass the keys salt yeah you want to deglaze so he has the ability I think because of the water and the granules in Malaysia you know just hours I’m Tim ricke powder mixed with olive oil very rejuvenating right so but in regional sometimes you find that the ladies then have color in the fingernail but it’s not bunnies is actually children so when you see this it’s either the girl it belongs to a family when somebody is getting married or she is a bride okay so that’s how [Music] stir together to create a marinade [Music] and add some self raising flour but it really isn’t necessary if you can’t do flour sometimes we left off with some healthy bake the chicken for 20 minutes at 180 degrees and another 20 minutes at 160 degrees [Music] you’re happened to break or the yet the pH of the water will prevent and thank you so when you are boiling it you want to have water about an inch or an inch and a half and then what you do is that for these Sciences didn’t you wanna put on with just cold water like this boiling as soon as you point time then you check it off covering me and then pour it out 50 minutes putting forward why because three – eh you want to have the opportunity now whereas when you join in Casa Loma spring renegades sometimes miss about ring that would mean that the proteins are so you don’t want to moving on to the ikan bilis which is one of my favorite parts I eat this just as a snack it’s the best thing make a lot of it and keep it around it’s salted anchovies with peanuts and it’s so good in a pan fry onions and garlic [Music] then add the acanthus in polliver lon cook until crispy and then add the peanuts [Music] now on to the main event the nasi lemak which really is the rice it’s just the rice bit this sure every child has to gun worsening the youngest one poor thing is the one that okay and we learned is we have to watch our rise that’s all so we have the unity albeit rain we have to do with his three times meaning by the tail very loud yeah it means Xbox right yeah you know when you got it five seats that that’s how we are agents a good well-rounded child living in our minds you do not present oh yeah so this is one that we needs this is how we so this animates it me in a rice cooker add the coconut milk water salt and chicken stock into washed rice add in tied pandan leaves and boil on medium heat until the liquid is absorbed use two cups of water to one of fresh coconut milk how far we’ve done the fast and furious salad tumeric chicken the attribute I really like the entities mix of peanut and then we just did the rice and then we’re gonna sound really good very lovely thank you giving us amazing like that food in Malaysia we can manage much I don’t now I know that also prepares the youngest person in her family had to divide mr. rice they’ll be ready ready placements the great looking forward to that these are hungry tops Istanbul or Chile based sauce is amazing it’s so good but oh my goodness it takes so long to make [Music] for the Samba use dried chili fresh big red chilies shallots garlic ginger lemongrass cinnamon and star anise shrimp paste fish drop olive oil tamarind bits of water salt pepper and brown sugar to taste there are a lot of ingredients in apparent Sparrow cinnamon and star anise in a blender make a paste with a schnapps and garlic [Music] our eyes [Music] you can use the same blender to mix the chilies shrimp paste and ginger up the chili paste and continue to stir-fry until oil resurfaces brown sugar will turn down the spicy it is so spicy beforehand [Music] and another spicy honey that was fun I see yeah with the sugar it cuts down oh the heat really got to me so we went for dip in the fountain [Music] put all of your ingredients together to create a wonderful nasi lemak cannot stress to you enough how tasty and wonderful this meal really is we can’t wait to take this recipe home with us and cook it every time in this Malaysia thank you so much to Jen and Babs who run Jen’s homegrown cooking we had to me for being absolutely wonderful hosts and teachers if you live in kale or plan to visit do not hesitate to join that class as you’ll have so much fun and then the lot about Malaysia and they didn’t mind us taking lots of video and lots of photos [Music] my friend and fan engagement I’ll protect the last nine years reason tagged along to make the class more accessible I hope you’ve enjoyed this video that you’d learn something from it and it you think nasi lemak is just as tasty as I do if you’re new here come have a look around see any other videos you might like and don’t forget to subscribe [Music] [Music]

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