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Natalie Portman’s Favorite Home Cooked Dinner



A little parsley on the top And we can taste

I blew on it as for my children You do not need to make a catch where I'm not blowing? I'm so used to doing this with my daughter! And then, I have to do I am Natalie Portman and I am here to prepare one of my favorite dishes, which I do at home

The stew of chickpeas And also to tell you about a new movie, that I produce, "Eating Animals", a documentary on intensive farming in the United States I like to make this recipe at home for my family It's fast, there are very few ingredients And I can do it while running after my children

So you need 3 spoonfuls of olive oil, a little freshly minced garlic, a big zucchini cut into cubes, a box of peeled tomatoes, a box of chickpeas In general, I take them canned, otherwise, let them soak all night and I forget all the time But it's better with dry chickpeas 2 teaspoons of salt and flakes of red pepper, to season to your taste And chopped parsley for decoration

When your pan is hot, pour the olive oil Then the garlic And the zucchini Salt I like salt

I have been a vegetarian since I was 9 years old And when I was 30, I became vegan I feel more balanced since I am vegan I feel like I'm not tired, to have a constant energy on a day I eat a lot of lawyers

I'm lucky to live in California, we have plenty of lawyers and they are very good And I also eat a lot of tempeh bacon It's a staple for me And so, we will add these tomatoes and crush them a little I read "Should I eat animals?", Jonathan Safran Foer, on his release And I asked him right away if he wanted to make a documentary This book changed my life

He made me become vegan He explains in detail why intensive farming has an impact on the environment and on our health And before reading this book, I was not aware So I thought it would be interesting to make a documentary to reach another audience It's a different approach because the movie talk about this great American tradition of breeding, because we have a lot of respect for the breeders and for the painful nature of their work and treating animals with humanity

The film focuses on these farmers which is what America has most precious, what they lost, how they are treated and what happens to these traditions I got involved from the start And I also do voiceover, so it's more personal And we add the chickpeas And we can also put some flakes of red pepper

I like it when it's spicy A little salt Because salt is good! I put in plenty I was told that my blood pressure was very low And that's why I want salt

There, it's boiling Let's simmer and reduce for 20 to 25 minutes If people are asked if they feel concerned by the destruction of the environment or animal abuse, most will answer yes, it worries them Intensive farming is what humans do do worse for the environment and it's very cruel to animals And even if everyone is not going to become vegan, everyone can think about how to change their diet by making an effort once a day or a week

It can have an impact on billions of people It's ready I serve it with rice I put a little stew And a little parsley on the top

And we can taste Its good

Source: Youtube

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