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Navratri Fasting Weight Loss Diet Plan | Quick Recipes for Busy People



So, 'Acche din finally ane walein hai' I meantNavratri And what an exciting time lies ahead of us 9 nights, 10 days of energy, friends, Dandia and Garba! Wouldn't it be great if during this time we also lost some Weight? See, why do we look forward to Navratri? Because it recharges us! It recharges our body, our mind, our soul

But what is that one thing that all these 3 things depend on? Food Hence, it is extremely crucial that during Navratri we take complete control of our food I understand cooking is difficult and cooking Navratri special dishes is even more difficult! But that's what I am here for So in today's video we will first list down the food items that are allowed during Navratri and the one's that are not I'll give you a Navratri Special Diet Plan that is practical, easy to follow, full of nutrients but most importantly it will help you Lose Weight! And towards the end, I'll give you a Bonus Tip that will make sure that you lose weight, not just during Navratri but also after it

But before that if you like me or if you like what I am saying then make sure you hit that big fat 'Like' Button because that motivates me to make more videos! Let's begin! So let's start with the food items that we can consume during Navratri and the one's that we cannot I am going to be honest, I was a little confused about this list so Preeti aunty helped me out and this is what she says! This is what's not recommended Garlic, Onions, Regular Salt, Wheat Flour, Rice, Pulses (which means no Daals, no Beans), Alcohol and Non-Veg

Which brings us to the food items that are allowed during Navratri During this time you can have Dry Fruits, Fruits, Milk and Milk Products, Vegetables like Bottle gourd, Parval, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach Instead of Normal Salt you can have Rock Salt

Instead of normal Wheat Flour you can have Water chestnut Seed Flour or Buckwheat Flour Instead of normal rice, you can have Samak Rice which is kind of a Millet or you can even have Sabudana; But most importantly it is recommended that during Navratri you eat at home instead of eating out See, the best part about Navratri is that we are asked to avoid junk food and processed food And this itself takes care of 80% of your weight loss But since we are so good at twisting and turning tradition and turning every good thing into a disadvantage, this is why we can still gain weight during Navratri

1 Instead of eating, we starve ourselves the entire day 2 We eat a lot of Sweets, Pakods, Puris and completely ignore the Fruits and Vegetables 3

We get excited when we see a Navratri Special Thali Offer (especially if it's unlimited) and end up over-eating every time! If you starve yourself then your body will drop its metabolism and that is how you put on more weight and metabolism is the last thing you want to play with which is why I've created a Navratri Special Diet Plan which is pretty easy to follow During Navratri, it is crucial that you have small meals at regular intervals It doesn't mean that you have to cook elaborate meals 6 times a day It just means that you need to have simple food items like these! Start your day with a glass of Water and 6 soaked Almonds and around 8 AM for Breakfast, these are the things that you can have Sweet Potato Kheer – Just boil some Sweet Potatoes, mash them and mix them with milk

And that's it! It's the healthiest and tastiest breakfast ever! You can also have Mashed Potatoes Boil some Potatoes, mash them, add some Rock Salt, Pepper, Coriander Leaves and if you want, add a little Curd on top Yum If you do not have the time, then make a smoothie In a blender just add 2 Bananas, Peanut Butter, Soaked Almond and some Milk! And finally, if you have the time then mix Kuttu ka Atta with Boiled Potato, make a dough, make a Roti and you can have that with either Mint Chutney or some Raita! After breakfast, around 11 AM, you will start to feel hungry again

Here are your Mid-Morning Snack options At this time, you can have your Regular Tea, Coconut Water, Butter Milk or Lemon Juice You can even have Roasted Makhana or you can have Dry Fruits like Walnuts, Cashew-Nuts, Raisins or even Dates! Another option is, you can have freshly cut Carrot, Cucumber or Beetroot For lunch, always start with some salad because the fibre from them will make you feel full faster

Then you can have Sabudana Khichdi or Samak Rice Khichdi But if you feel like having roti, then you can have Singharey ki Roti with Bottle Guard Curry, Paneer Curry or any Vegetable Curry you like I know that Samak Rice Khichdi and Singharey ki Roti sounds complicated but it's really not different from the regular cooking, except for the change in raw materials Plus, you will find a number of cooking videos online But if you are having trouble learning how to cook then this video will teach you a Step-by-Step Procedure of how you can learn Indian Cooking in just 5 days! Do check it out, I've left the link in the description

As always, end your lunch with a small bowl of curd It will make you feel full faster and it also aids digestion Remember, the trick to weight loss is this Eat Slow and Pay Attention to what you are eating! Because that is how your brain will get the time to realise that your stomach is full and that's how you will not end up over-eating

Around 4 PM your stomach will start making noises again So as evening snack, you can have a Sweet Potato (Boiled or Baked) You can even have Roasted Peanuts or Roasted Makhana One or two days, you can even have your Sabudana Pakoda or Vegetable Pakoda with curd, but don't have it everyday If you are planning to workout after like 30 minutes then the best thing to have right now is a Fruit

Remember to eat the fruit directly and don't make a juice out of it because that way all the fibre will be lost and all that sugar from the fruit will hit your blood directly, which is not a great thing! Coming to dinnerYou can have the same things for your dinner that you had for your lunch

Just make sure that you have an early dinner around 7:30 PM If you feel like eating something light then grate some Paneer, grate some Carrot, add a little Rock Salt, Pepper, Curd, mix it and you can just have that Salad Or if you feel like having Soup then fry some Ginger, some Broccoli, Spinach, Coriander leaves, add some water to it, blend it and your Veggie Soup is ready! Around 9:30 PM, have a glass of Warm Milk with a pinch of Turmeric because milk slows down digestion and it will keep you feeling full until the next morning! And please, Sleep on time! Getting 7-8 hrs of sleep is crucial to ensure that you do not over-eat the next day But most importantly just like the rest of the days, even during Navratri it's important that youMove! Walk for 30 minutes everyday or do this 15 Minute Home Workout But the best option ever is to Dance! Dandia is the perfect opportunity to move more during Navratri But if you want me to make a separate video about 'How to Dance at a Dandia/Garba Party' then comment and let me know

During Navratri, it is crucial to let go of your cravings and the only scientific way to let go of your cravings is to eat food that Heals your body; like not Voodoo Magic way but Nutrient-wise Think of it this way Food is like your life-long partner and craving is like having an affair If your partner loves you, strengthens you, fulfils you

then why would you want to go after an affair aka craving! But if your food is like junk that makes you low on energy, constipated, makes you feel incompetent then obviously you will have multiple affairs! I am so proud of that analogy right now And that realisation is your Bonus Tip for the day! So if you know someone who is having multiple affairs, with food then make sure you share this video with them

On that thought, I wish you a very very Happy Navratri! Eat healthy food, dance like no one's watching and make someone happy today! You can start with me by Subscribing to my channel and hitting that 'Bell' Icon because I make videos especially for you! I promise to see you again next week, until then Keep Fighting, The Urban Fight to be Fit!

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