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NCT DREAM and Han Hyunmin learning how to cook Korean food [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.09.22]



(Ms Shim's Chuseok food) (Ms

Shim is waiting for the workers) – Hello / – Hey – Oh? / – Oh? Who are they? – Isn't that Han Hyunmin, the model? / – Hello – Yes / – Hello

– Who are they? / – Who are those idols? – They're idol artists / – Yes – You're so handsome / – They're really young Nice to meet you

Hello, Han Hyunmin and I'm a model Han Hyumin – He's a world-wide model / – He's one of the top He's still a high-school student, right? He is

(Model Han Hyumin) Alright, 1, 2, 3 To the world, this is NCT! Hello, we're NCT Wow, NCT They're one of the hottest boy groups these days (A global group made up of teenagers, NCT DREAM) (Hyunmin's friend, Jaemin) Jaemin, Chenle and Jisung

Why do I feel so anxious after seeing the four of them? It would've been better if a girl group came That's right (The dialogue between older men) Two years ago, in 2017, I was an honorary ambassador of hanbok I attended a Korean fashion show At that time

– He's cool / – I was honored To be a part of the show with Ms Shim – That's how we know each other / – Her hanbok

– It fits her so well / – They both look so cool It must've been hot outside, thanks for coming – Goodness / – It wasn't much

– You're handsome as always / – Thank you – I didn't see you carefully before / – Today I brought some handsome friends They really are handsome Why does your hair look so bright, though? – They're idols / – Did you dye it? – It's a necessity

/ – It is Do young people like that hairstyle? It's probably the first time they're being asked that That's right Since you're here and Yes It's Chuseok, so you should do the proper greeting Right, because it's Chuseok – Let us bow to you

/ – Stand up When you go to meet your parents – Bow

/ – You need to greet them first (Go ahead, let me see you bow) Let's stand in a line over there – 1, 2, 3 / – One of the three people there Is Chinese – Oh, Chenle is Chinese? / – Yes (Is this a game of tact?) Like this? (Without hesitation) He's bowing to the chair (Bowing to the sofa) (When are they going to stand up?) They need to hurry up and stand

Aren't they bowing for too long? (It looks like it's their first time bowing) (Dumbfounded) She really likes handsome people (Feeling awkward) This is so funny The way you bow right now looks like you've never done it before That's right When have you bowed before? I did it in kindergarten to get cash on New Years

– To get cash on New Years? / – Yes So you haven't done it until now which is why you don't know how to do it What should you do with your hands? (Ms Shim is teaching them how to bow) Put your left hand on top Left hand on top? – Right hand on top for women

/ – Right hand on top Then put your hands up to your chest and bend your knees and put your hands down on the ground Right, like that Put your right leg up first – Right leg

/ – Then your left leg – Left leg / – Raise it Put your hands to your chest – And do a half-bow / – A half-bow Then you stand up and sit down – Sit down? / – Yes

Yes, sit down – Cross-legged? / – Yes – Yes, cross-legged / – Suddenly on the floor Then you greet them and say hello

Oh Thank you – They should know the basics / – Stand up now So that you can say hello to the others – They should change the order / – 10 times! 10 times! – 10 times? / – 10 times? – Bow 10 times? / – Are they being punished? – Alright / – Until it becomes natural

Until it becomes natural? Why did you make them bow 10 times? Because they needed to learn – To make them memorize it? / – Repeat 10 times? I wanted them to repeat it – Raise it slightly / – Yes, like that Then go down She told them to come eat delicious food She's teaching them etiquette instead (When will we eat delicious food?) Then, stand up Stand up naturally Good Then a half-bow

One more time Ms Shim, you're receiving a lot of bows today (8 bows left) (7 bows left) (6 bows left) She's receiving too many bows It's long even though it's fast-forwarded

(4 bows left) (Where is this and who am I?) – One more time? / – One of them is Chinese Thank you for growing up so well (They finally finish bowing 10 times) When you hear someone say, "Bow ten times," it doesn't sound like it'll be hard when you hear it It felt like we just finished performing, though Their movements are pretty fancy when performing

It was to that extent? (Bowing 10 times was harder than performing) It's hard to bow Ms Shim, we brought you a present Oh, my We bought this from Hongdae

– It must be something trendy / – Last time I heard that you went to Hongdae

– Yes / – So We bought something that's Hongdae-styled

– Goodness / – What part of that is Hongdae-style? What is it? (Ta-da) – What is it? / – Oh, are those popular these days? Are they sunglasses? (Full of smiles) They're nice, right? (Everyone laughs at the sensible gift) These are popular these days She's so happy – This chain is the focus point / – Oh, my

It's the neon color that Coach Hyun hates Like this Those are popular these days? Are they popular these days? – Those are popular? / – They look cool Try them on – Let me try them on

/ – Yes (Will they look good on her?) She looks so trendy (I'm super trendy) (They acknowledge how good she looks) You look so cool Everything looks good on Ms Shim

It does You brought such a cool gift She's so happy Kids these days She brought them here She even brought the neon chain (Ta-da) They look like this Try them on

You're seeing the trendiest person in the world Wow (The smile full of swag) That They look so good on her I spoke to Han Hyunmin and brought Yes

– A pair for all our guests / – Oh, you did? Yes Here (Is he a fly?) Oh, it's Pigsy! That's his nickname Oh, really? He was always called that

– Really? / – You didn't know? Will you wear them every day? These? People will think I went senile (Ms Shim's special health food) (Prepared for her special workers) – Every week / – Isn't that braised short ribs? Every week is torture Those braised ribs look so good The combination of meat and vegetables (Ms Shim's welcome food) Is perfectly adequate Enjoy your meals – Yes, ma'am / – Thank you for the food

(Full of expectations) (This looks good) (Let's hurry up and eat) Hold on – Oh / – Oh – There's no way they'd just eat / – Hold on

– I didn't pick up my utensils yet / – Right But you picked them up already? The adults should eat first Right, they need to eat first (Hyunmin already scooped up some rice to eat) The adults need to pick up their utensils first

After that, the offspring can pick theirs up Offspring? Alright, go ahead and eat Chenle probably has no idea What she's talking about – She's not letting them eat / – He bowed 10 times (His gaze is focused) No one is eating right now They can eat now

In a few moments Hurry up and eat Oh, alright

Enjoy it Pretend like you're at your own home – And enjoy it

/ – Things like this – They should learn / – That's right

Even with the generational changes, they should Yes, they should learn these manners – Can I try the steamed eggs? / – Of course This is (Everyone carefully takes a bite) When it comes to food etiquette in our country, when there's food in your mouth, you must not talk You can't make sounds with the bowl (Don't clank the bowls against each other) When the food goes in your mouth Finish it, rinse your mouth with cold water, then you can talk When you eat something thick, you need to rinse your mouth afterward Alright It's so hard

I feel like we should drink so much water (So when are we going to eat?) Don't try to sit and listen to me Hurry up and enjoy your food – It's bothersome / – She's making it hard for them

– How bothersome / – It's hard for them to eat (They start eating for real this time) (They go straight for the meat) The braised short ribs are amazing Eat up You can't even pay for this food

(He can't help but smile) That looks good That looks really good Wow (Chenle is experiencing the true taste of Korea) These are the best short ribs I've ever tasted I'm being completely honest

He's good at expressing the taste of food Different from the other person we know Yes (Stinging) I think it's the first time in my life that I've eaten like this – It's the first time in my life

/ – Me too How pitiful (They're pitiful to Ms Shim) How long are you going to be children? – Children? / – It's not set in stone You mean idols, Ms

Shim What are you going to do after that? She's asking such fundamental questions (Flustered at her second question) After that (What's going on here?) (This is the first time we're being asked that) Everyone here is very fortunate (We're lucky all of a sudden?) You're able to dance, so you're able to work – They learned a skill / – You should be grateful – It's a skilled profession

/ – Be thankful for it When you feel like you can't do it anymore, hurry up and change your job – They just started being idols / – NCT Is doing well these days They're very popular You're saying that to a Chinese person who's part of a boy band in Korea I really enjoyed the food

But today You No way (What?) Do they not know about it yet? – No / – They don't You have something you need to do

What? Us? – Yes, now / – Do you want an autograph? "Would you like an autograph?" – We're not just here for a meal? / – Jisung is funny You were supposed to just eat, but

Yes You're wondering what I'm going to make you do? No, that's not it You just suddenly said that we had something to do

Chuseok is approaching Yes I want to teach you how to make half-moon rice cakes So we need to pay for the meal We'll try hard to learn from you

Work hard – It's good for them to learn / – Alright, then – Let's go to work / – They have the chance To learn from Ms

Shim, they can't give this up (Tired from waiting, they've already started) (When are the workers going to come?) (They made two so far) They made them so pretty (Suddenly) I brought the workers – Oh, my / – Hello

Good, welcome (They're receiving help from 19 year olds) Their average age is 19 (Are you sure they're workers?) I was very happy to see them, but they seemed completely new to cooking The first thing I felt when I saw them was that they won't be of much help Hello

(The workers with striking visuals) – Hello / – Hello Oh, my (The scene that unfolds in front of them) What is all this? – What is it? / – Come over here What is this? – We

/ – Make some fritters Isn't that raw fish? It is Isn't it? (Why do I feel so anxious?) This is going to be hard Why are there so many things here? This isn't much at all This is about one-fifth of what we normally prepare – Really? / – One-fifth? This is practically preparing a feast for a family

How much do you prepare normally? Today, we're writing a book We're going to film the process a bit for the cooking encyclopedia, so we're only making a little bit We need to see their cooking skills first Bring some pears – Pears? / – Oh, peeling pears

I want to see how they peel the pears We're going to peel pears? Peel them (For now, peel the pears) How do you peel pears? How do you peel them? Is this right? (He looks flustered) (Extremely dangerous) That's dangerous Who is it? I thought I was watching "Law of the Jungle" (They're all amateurs despite the look on their faces) (Hyunmin is quietly peeling the pears by himself) How is Hyunmin peeling the pear? – Oh, my

/ – Who is that? It's Hyunmin Hyunmin (Beyond imagination, he's hitting the pear) You're just like my grandson I thought only my son peeled pears like that but someone else is also doing it the same way (Ms

Shim's grandson when he was peeling pears) – That's so dangerous / – It was scary to watch How embarrassing Don't tell people you're my grandson (Hyunmin and NCT, good luck) This is going to be a problem

Let's stop here for today and make the half-moon rice cakes (Glance) What is this? This is coffee water – Oh, coffee water? / – Coffee water? Coffee water? Coffee half-moon rice cake Coffee half-moon rice cake? That sounds good Coffee, mugwort and white half-moon rice cakes

– How pretty / – That's amazing There are so many different types Everyone try making your own (They start making the rice cakes) We have to use everything here, right? (He starts by awkwardly grabbing the dough) That big of a piece? (He happily pinches down on the dough) It doesn't look good

I'll make one, so watch me Put your thumb in here and turn the dough If you turn it, it becomes a jar Like patterned pottery Like his

(Put in the desired ingredients) – You can put in beans / – I don't like beans Like this Then, pinch one side Just a little bit like this

Wow, that's pretty – It looks good, right? / – It really is so pretty (The rice cake made beautifully by the master) I made this one big and this one small You can make an infinite variety of those It's easy to make them

But as you make them – They all turn out different / – They do

It's not easy to make them the same Look how slow he is (He puts in a heaping spoonful of sesame) (Pinching) (Super serious) (It looked like he'll make a good one) (But the shape got distorted) It's an alligator They don't look happy (We must endure

) (Here is another unique person) This is a half-moon rice cake What are you doing? He said he's going to do it his own way Oh

I'm going to make it as big as my hand What is he doing? Whew He's making a dumpling Oh, no Chenle's is too small and Jisung's is too big

Chenle is making a miniature (Ms Shim has no idea of the situation) (She discovers Jisung's massive rice cake) Chenle's is too small (How will Ms Shim react?) (She's laughing?) She's laughing

Imagine if I did that (No need to say) She would've slapped my back She would've already slapped your back Is that a king-sized dumpling? (Of course) We'll finish everything up You can leave for now

(Different shapes and sizes of rice cakes) Goodness – What is that? / – That looks like a rock It's like play-doh This one's too big (The king-sized one that made Ms

Shim laugh) Who's rice cake is that? Aren't fritters so good? They're good to just eat right after cooking them You need to eat fritters as soon as you cook them That's the best They're not good when they get cold You need to eat them right off the frying pan

(Jaemin is making the beef fritters) – Wow, beef fritters / – Beef fritters (Jisung is making the squash fritters with shrimp) Shrimp and squash fritters (Jisung carefully puts the squash on the frying pan) (He puts one on that big pan) Are they cooking one at a time? – Put some more / – Put some more? They're so cute

It's so funny that he's making it one at a time Is this correct? What? It'll take too long if you cook them one by one You need to put at least 10 at once – Keep putting them on / – Oh, alright

The pan isn't hot yet, is that alright? Yes, it's alright Put some more on top (Please put some more on top) There's too much oil – I'm going to / – Hold on (The shrimp fritters have found their place) I'm good at this You need to be good to eat them deliciously (The croaker fritters are progressing nicely) The croaker fritters look good

(Hyunmin sets aside the finished fritters) What? They don't look fully cooked (Is this raw fish?) Isn't that raw croaker? The croaker fritters are done – Oh, my / – Oh, they're cooked? Oh, they're a bit undercooked You're being too generous

They're not cooked at all You can see that the fish is raw It's raw croaker covered in raw egg (He puts the raw shrimp on the frying pan) Let me You can't just put it in raw (He added it without dipping it in the egg) He's just making fried shrimp This got burnt (He burnt his) This is no joke

(Burnt) They're going to put that in the encyclopedia? Use the tongs to take them out This is fun (Ms Shim is having fun and CEO Jang is working) Will this be enough shrimp fritters? One plate? They're all ruined anyway You should've prepared it for them

You said that you'd bring people who'd be helpful She's saying they're not helpful at all (Feeling guilty) It seemed like they came to make more work instead of coming to help (Bitter) (The rice cakes are steamed) They look amazing (Pretty appetizing) They're so pretty

(Mouth-watering) The squash fritters melt in your mouth (Finished by the young hands) Come over here Let's try eating the shrimp fritters first I think it'll be so delicious – You need to eat fritters with your hands

/ – Yes (Curious) – Is it alright? / – It's delicious "The food I made is the best" A dumpling (He picks the dumpling rice cake he made) Dip it in that

(He dips it in syrup) (And eats it in one bite) You ate it in one bite? Is it cooked? (I may have made it but it's delicious) I'm curious about the coffee rice cakes The smaller ones are tastier I'm curious about the coffee rice cakes (How do the coffee rice cakes taste?) Wow The stuffing inside is so good

(Proud to see them eating well) Everything tastes so good because it was made by handsome men We saw how they looked though That's right I think you're the first ones who received such compliments after cooking so badly They're admirable

Was the work that we did today Helpful? Oh CEO Jang looks like she's struggling so much

Can't you let her go home? – Her workload increased / – Yes If they had made it like this Yes They would've gotten a beating (She is her real daughter) If her daughter did that, she would've hit her It was to teach the young kids, so not everything was ruined They'll try to help their moms make fritters

So in my shoes, I feel like they did good (She's proud that she was able to teach them)

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