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Neer Dosa Recipe| Quick breakfast| No Fermentation dosa in tamil with English Subtitles



Today we are going to see how to make neer dosa It is a very soft and spongy dosa very easy to make It just needs raw rice, grated coconut and salt No fermentation required Let's see how to make this soft dosa Add 2 cups of raw rice in a bowl wash it well Add enough water for saoking I have soaked the rice just for 1 1/2 hours as raw rice soaks very fast You can soak from 2 to 4 hours The rice has soaked well Drain all the water from the rice Let us grind the rice in 2 batches in a mixie jar Add half of the rice that we soaked For 1 cup rice add 1/4 cup grated coconut Grind the rice and coconut without adding any water After that add water little by little and grind into a smooth batter If the batter is not smooth dosa will not be soft If we add all water at first, the rice will not grind well Grind smooth adding water little by little Pour the batter in a big bowl I have ground both batches of batter and taken in a bowl Add salt as needed Mix it well The batter seems to be thick still, so I am adding little more water The consistency of the batter should be just like buttermilk heat a pan on the stove grease the pan with oil pan should be hot Mix the batter well again Pour a ladle of batter in the pan as shown in the video close it with a lid The net like structure should form for the right consistency of batter If there is no net like structure, your batter is thick Also, the dosa should cook within 40 to 50 seconds If not it means you have made the batter thick and dosa will not be soft see how dosa has turned out well If you like appam, you will love this neer dosa too But you don't have to ferment the batter like appam Even if you soak the rice by 6 o'clk in the morning you can make hot dosa by 8 or 830 I am making another one Always use flat tawa for making this dosa If you take tawa/skillet that is not flat dosa will not turn out good, we will check it out As you see I have used a pan Now I will show you in a dosa tawa that is little deep in the center My dosa tawa is deep in the middle As we pour the batter instead of sticking to the sides, it will drain to the middle and so the dosa will not be thin and it will be thick in the middle It will not be soft as we did in the pan So, use either a flat tawa or flat dosa tawa for making these dosa Our neer dosa is now ready All the side dish that goes well with appam, goes well with this dosa too Try this dosa in your home If you like this video, share with your friends Like my video Don't forget to subscribe to my channel Thanks for watching

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