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– Happy day, friends The family is in the van ready to go

I am in this kitchen, look at this, look Look, real life We're gettin' ready to go for many, many hours over the river, through the woods to church we go I've gotta, we've just gotta do stuff after church You know how things add up, especially when you have to drive as far as we do to go anywhere or do anything

So we've got quite a list All that to say I am going to share with you three nights of super easy, slow cooker meals All of my recipes are always large family style So that means if you are a larger family like my family is, you should have enough for dinner and maybe even some leftovers for tomorrow If you are a smaller family, we'll say two, four, sixish size, my larger recipes should definitely be enough for two dinners and maybe some leftovers after that and I don't know about you but I'm the leftover queen and I love reusing my leftovers

So tonight, we're going to do an easy sausage baked ziti Tomorrow night, we're going to do chicken gravy over rice and then the third night, we are gonna do a kielbasa and potato slow cooker meal So, so many good things coming up but let's get this baked ziti going now Just a kid running in from the van, no big deal How do you like my baby? Maybe this will be baby number nine

Today's video is sponsored by Panda Pop Jamerrill, why are you playing Panda Pop? When you download this game, you're gonna see It's a mama Panda and every level is this mama fightin' for her babies and saving her babies and I like it It's a lot of fun You can download Panda Pop for free

Just use the link down in the description below and you can play with me So go ahead and click that link and we'll play some Panda Pop Okay, so for this easy slow cooker baked ziti, the first thing you need to do is get three pounds of meat, preferably meat that already has about a tablespoon of minced garlic and a sliced onion Ya cook that up and ya drain it but here's what I did I'll tell you what you should do, what you could do, and then I'll show you what I did, okay? Last night, I cooked six pounds of sausage in the slow cooker overnight

I used three pounds of that to do egg, sausage, and cheese bakes this morning I did one for breakfast this morning, one is cooked ahead for breakfast tomorrow morning Then, I have just taken the other six pounds I've broken it up You're gonna see it in my slow cooker

You don't have to use sausage Those of you who would like, you can use ground turkey You can use ground beef You can use meat from Wal-Mart You can use grass-fed meat

Whatever you have available, that's what you use So here is my three pounds of pre-cooked sausage already broken up Now we're going to add in the spices and the different tomato sauces Also, there's a couple different ways you can do this You can add some ricotta cheese to this

I don't have any ricotta but I have, this is probably about a fourth of a cup of feta So I'm gonna add some feta crumbles to this baked ziti Just a reminder that, if I miss saying anything 'cause I do, then look at the recipe on largefamilytablecom So, there are of course, tons of slow cooker baked ziti recipes out there

A lot of em call for spaghetti sauce, pasta sauce We're doing a little bit of a version of a homemade spaghetti sauce because I don't have any, of course, how it goes But with the canned tomato sauce that we're using and then all the herbs and spices that are going into this, we're doing the same of making spaghetti sauce Two tablespoons of minced garlic So I'm doing this baked ziti on low

It'll be on low for about seven to eight hours Then when we get home, I will need to add in the dry noodles for about the last 30 minutes, but it'll be dinner for us It'll be ready to go I would have chopped an onion and let it cook overnight with the sausage, didn't do it So I'm doing a tablespoon of minced onion because I have it

Now I'm going to do a tablespoon of basil Then we're going to do a tablespoon of oregano Oh, let me show you my nice little shelf organizer I got So, you all have seen in my cabinets, you've seen the messes, but look! I got this nice little organizer Makes my heart happy

So now I'll put in a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of pepper These are the tomato sauces I had got marked down at Sharp Shopper and they were two for a dollar Then they were three for a dollar So, I have a couple cases of em So I wanna use em up

So I am using two 15 ounce cans of tomato sauce Then, I am using two 28 ounce cans These are organic petit diced tomatoes Again, got em marked down at Sharp Shopper Got a whole case of these as well

Want to use them up Going to use two cans of these Also, spice wise, I'm going to do a tablespoon of parsley and a tablespoon of garlic powder Then we'll mix all this up here in a minute Because we need to do dishes, I think this came in our little fry daddy or something, a million years ago

Don't even have it anymore I'm gonna also go ahead and dump in the feta We will, of course, put more cheese on it later So now we're gonna do four cups of water Thank you, Amelia, for your service

Not that is that and it's going to just cook on low all day We'll check it out again later tonight Okay so, we went to church, we did our things We had a lunch out with some more family Came home, took a nap, went on a big hike

That's why I got my #JamerillsFunkySummerHat on I did not wanna put the noodles in the slow cooker while I went on my hike 'cause it takes over an hour So now I'm gonna dump these noodles in, leave em in for just about 30 minutes and it should be perfect My slow cooker is extra bubbly 'cause it's like, "Woo Jamerrill, you've left me on low a long time" Now we'll pour these noodles in

This is one 16-ounce box of ziti We got another box going in and then I'm gonna stir em up You know I like to push it Doesn't that smell yummy? – [Child] Yep – So, this baked ziti has to sit here with the lid on it for about 30 minutes

So I'm gonna play a little Panda Pop Okay, this is how far I am This is the level I'm on So I'm gonna click that – [Child] You've played this? – [Jamerrill] I have been playing! Amelia's like, "What, you've played it?" I have been playing this

When I had my break day the other day, I sat there and played some Panda Pop So I'm going on all these little roads I love it because watch what I'm gonna do I'm the mommy Panda and I'm gonna save my babies You'll see what the little babies do

See, they parachute down – [Amelia] Oh yeah! – Isn't that cute? Okay so then, we don't wanna hit the mines It's a new level I haven't had the metal balls before But I think they don't break

I have the game My kids are so amazed I have this game and I've been playing it I think I'm on level 11 or something now This mommy panda is saving all her babies

See, they parachute down, isn't that cute? – [Amelia] She has a lot – It says baby saved She does have a lot Does she remind you of your mama? Look, babies saved, yay! You can look down in the description below and click my link to get Panda Pop for free on your phone and even play with me There we go, there's one baby

We've gotta get 20 babies We got 18, 19, 20 of our babies, yay! Oh, she's so happy and her little children say, "Where's our baked ziti, Mommy?" OK guys, so I just took the lid off to check on it It was perfect, I added two cups of shredded cheese The noodles are perfect, the cheese, I put the cheese in, shut the lid for ya know, like a minute, and it was just fine but there we go Easy baked ziti in the slow cooker

We are back going to Costco to load up on all the things We want dinner ready for when we get home So another easy slow cooker meal that is a family favorite is this chicken broccoli alfredo Gonna dump a bunch of chicken in the slow cooker I'm gonna put in a block of cream cheese

I'm gonna put in some heavy whipping cream today and some butter I know that's a whole lot of fats This is low carb, a trend healthy mama-esque meal It would also be keto friendly Is your Panda Pop bear dancing? And when we get home later tonight, I will add in a whole bunch of broccoli

I will do some steamed brown rice for the kiddos If you are doing this at home and keeping it more low carb, you could do it over those zucchini noodles or over spaghetti squash And then you could also do it with whole wheat noodles for the kiddos or whoever would like it that way So let's get this all dumped in the slow cooker and let's head on out (light music) All right, so now we're going out shopping

The slow cooker is on low See ya in eight hours, slow cooker, and we'll finish this up (light music) So we are back from our Costoing today, back from all of our running around When we got home, I did a few things I got some rice in this instant pop so that we could have this chicken broccoli alfredo over it and I added the broccoli in

Also, I was out of sour cream this morning whenever I left, so I added in a cup of sour cream So whenever I added broccoli to the slow cooker, you notice I did not put broccoli in this this morning I put the full 52-ounce bag of broccoli in the slow cooker about 30 minutes ago and I just recently turned the power off, unplugged it, all of that So, here we go, here is how it looks I'll have this recipe linked in the description below but I did brown rice in the instant pot

No brainer And I had got some of these already ready to go zoodles, zucchini noodles, at Costco tonight So, I cooked those up for myself So now, we'll serve this out So, this is Zion's plate

He's 16 We got carrots, cotton candy grapes and the chicken broccoli alfredo over brown rice And here's Gabriel's plate Liam's plate, he also wanted carrots and dip Here's Benjamin's plate and then Daniel's

He did not want any rice or grapes So he's got carrots and just the chicken broccoli alfredo Okay friends, so the sink is full of dishes but that bag right there, it is packed to go to the lake That is right 100 other things we could do but instead, let's just go to the lake

We've had a ton of rain, we've missed our lake days recently I don't wanna miss no more So we're gonna hit it Before we head over the river and through the woods to the mountain lake we go, I am going to get a sausage and potato quick and easy meal in the slow cooker and I'm gonna show ya right now what I'm throwing together So I have a five pound bag of potatoes

What I am going to do is just put whole potatoes in the slow cooker This is gonna cook on low You can of course do this recipe on high, but I'm gonna be gone, it'll be at least eight hours before I get back to touch that slow cooker again So I'm gonna put whole potatoes in the slow cooker I am going to chop my onion and some peppers real quick and we're just gonna lay the kielbasa on top and then we're gonna also put some oil in, put some quick spices in too

So I just put the equivalent of about two tablespoons of oil on the bottom of my slow cooker With the potatoes, as I mentioned, we are just putting whole potatoes (squeal) Woo, baby's squealing, he's running behind me Whole potatoes in the slow cooker I do put cut potatoes in the slow cooker, but not for when it's gonna be this long

You do run the risk, of course, of your potatoes turning all black and we don't want that But whole potatoes cook perfectly No problems whatsoever, so there you go Five pounds of potatoes This is my seven or eight quart slow cooker

Now we're gonna do the kielbasa and cram a bunch of onions and peppers on top Shake some spices around, let it bake all day Don't forget, download Panda Pop today for free Go ahead and use my link in the description box and start playing with me It'll be lots of fun

We're gonna save all the little panda babies (light music) Okay, so now that all that is chopped in the slow cooker, it is going on I'm gonna give you a quick look at it Okay, so here we are There's the slow cooker, got it on low

I went ahead and sliced down the kielbasa So, in this slow cookin' bad boy, we have five pounds of red potatoes, almost three pounds of pre-cooked kielbasa, one large onion, three colored peppers I also put in basil, oregano, some minced onion because I had it even though we had that other onion Let's just have all the onions and then also, just a little bit of rosemary So there ya go, it's all in there in layers

Slow cooker lid on Dinner will be done now when we're back from the lake Okay, so we are back from the lake Dinner is done I'm gonna show you what this looks like

Okay, so, here we go We take the lid off There's all the kielbasa that have cooked all day on low and the potatoes are done And under this layer of kielbasa, there are, of course, we've got all the spices We have peppers, we have onion

It's all in there So you can do this a couple different ways I'm going to just work with this and serve it outta the slow cooker Here is Liam's plate Here is Amelia's plate

It's a small place but it's one medium baked potato and about half a hot dog worth there of the kielbasa and she's got ketchup to dip Unless anyone thinks we're lacking on fruit and veggies with dinner, we've got the big thing of blueberries out We just got baths and stuff from the lake, didn't we? And then we have some raspberries we're finishing up from Coastco and then, of course, big dinner plates There you go Outta the five pound bag of potatoes, we have five left and a little, just a few of these peppers, onions and kielbasa

So, there may be a few who want a second small potato I'm going to eat what's left of the kielbasa and the peppers and there ya go, that's that Also, our friends at Panda Pop are providing the prizes for me to host a Panda Pop giveaway How fun is this? So after you download the Panda Pop app through my link and play some Panda Pop with me, you can head over to my Instagram and enter my Panda Pop giveaway Panda Pop is giving away some Panda Pop swag like these cute shirts and little plush toys, which let me just give you some insight, Liam and Amelia and Daniel cannot wait for this video to be done so they can have their Panda Pop plush toys

They've been looking at these all week and let them visit with them a few times but they want to take possession of these Okay? Okay So I'm sure some of you would love some Panda Pop swag and Panda Pop is providing a $100 prepaid gift card So that's certainly worth entering to win So, additionally, go onto Instagram and look for that

(light music) Go to Pandapopme/Jamerrill I love this game because it is fun and engaging and who doesn't love a mama panda trying to save her baby pandas Now, I will admit as I have progressed in Panda Pop, there are some levels where the mama panda ends up cryin' and she doesn't save all her babies and it's sad So we just have to keep on progressing in the game and save all the babies each time

What I do on those levels that I struggle with, I just keep starting them over So, on this evening in particular, I was worn out, mama tired, how most mamas are at night and I got my shower and my pajamas on and Travis and some of the kids were watching The World's Strongest Man Competition because that's just a big one at our house, haha And I was relaxing with my feet up and enjoying playing Panda Pop And I appreciate Panda Pop for being such a fun, free, and easily accessible game on my phone I actually don't have any other games on my phone except Panda Pop and helping this mama panda join over 110 million Panda Pop players who are already enjoying this adorably addicting bubble shooter game

Panda Pop is the perfect game for you and your family to play and share this summer Download from Google Play or the app store and play for free and don't forget, check over on my Instagram where I am hosting a Panda Pop giveaway Go to pandapopme/jamerrill And if you want some more insight into my life, I'll show ya over there

See how my dishwasher is in like two pieces? We bought that new dishwasher I think I even showed it or I'm gonna show it A few days ago, we bought it The brand new dishwasher box is sitting in the garage I think tomorrow, I think tomorrow is the day it's going to be amazing

The old funk dishwasher is gettin' out of here We literally take it apart like puzzle pieces It's so ridiculous Brand new dishwasher's going in Super excited, so be sure to check out the next video

Hopefully you get to see that action going down Thank you so much for making these three easy slow cooker recipes with me All of the recipes will be over on largefamilytablecom and I will see you next time with another brand new video Bye bye

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