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*NEW* Masaledar Aur Chatpate Turai Recipe By Aiman | Urdu/ Hindi | How To Cook Spicy Ridge Gourd



Hello & Welcome, hope you are well and in best of health Today I am sharing my secret recipe and unique method I use to cook Tauri (Ridge Gourd) Many people do not tend to enjoy Tauri Vegetable (Ridge Gourd)

I will cook in a slightly different way where you will enjoy eating this over and over again For the ingredients we have at least 1kg of Tauri which are roughly chopped as they will change its shape once cooked

We then have 2 medium size sliced onions, roughly sliced 1 bowl of tinned tomatoes due to lockdown where fresh were difficult to get hold of Less than half cup of water, use standard coffee mug to measure 4/5 green chilies which again roughly chopped For this very special dish we can safely use frozen ginger and garlic, approx

25 tb of each This Garam Masala is my own mixed special garam masala but you may use any brand of garam masala We have half tablespoon of black pepper, 1 table spoon of turmeric, I use turmeric for many dishes as we're all aware that turmeric is excellent for wellbeing 1 tablespoon of red chilli powder, you may adjust this according to your own taste but this amount is slightly above the norm

1 tablespoon of cumin seeds Not forgetting the obvious essentials as without these we cannot cook 🙂 We will now move on to cooking I apologise I forgot one of the ingredients, which is oil and will require about 3/4 table spoon, this is to be used at a later time

We will start by putting Tauri (Ridge Gourd) in the pan, being very careful I started this channel because my cooking recipes are very famous within my community and receive a lot of compliments for the taste I develop in food so why not share these special recipes with you all so you can also benefit from healthy and great unique taste in food I develop

You should always cook with passion as I do and show love for food as this could be the reason why you could develop your very own delicious taste Now onions, Tomatoes, and the remaining ingredients Start with frozen garlic and ginger

Green chillies Garam masala Turmeric powder, cumin seeds, black pepper, red chilli powder, throw the lot in Use about 15 teaspoon of salt

Finally our 2nd to last ingredient is water You have noticed that I have not yet mixed anything because we do not need to stir this early and I will explain the secret behind this Use low level of heat and let it cook for about 15 minutes to soften the vegetables There is a reason behind everything I do and for not stirring was because this is the secret way to develop taste within our vegetables Do not use pressure cooker for obvious flavour reasons, this dish does require some time but its well worth it, we can rest and come back to check Remember how little amount of water I used? Some vegetables develop their own juice while cooking so I used very small amount of water, we need authentic After the ingredients I originally gave this 15 minutes for the vegetables to soften

And now put the lid back on and give further 20 minutes to cook We need Tauri to be extremely soft Heat continues to remain at low level

I have given 20/25 minutes and will now check in front of you We will now use the gravy produced from the vegetable and gently mash I will continue to work around pressing the ridge gourd gently but not harshly If yours is still hard you must give another 5 minutes before you start to mash There is still one more ingredient to use and right now its too early so we will continue to mash

Vegetable are extremely healthy and delicious to eat if we use the right method of cooking with the right ingredients, we can develop something really special I will show you different vegetables and how to cook each of them with different and unique methods used to bring the best taste out of them Do subscribe to my channel for new uploads where I will bring new recipes and explain in detail how to cook these extremely delicious and healthy vegetables Comment below if you don't understand anything or want to ask me anything regards to cooking, I do read and reply to my viewers comments so please do share your experience with me as this will motivate me to bring more great recipes to you I am continuing to mash while its still cooking Now I will use the final ingredient which is the cooking oil which is about 4/5 tablespoon and will continue to press gently until we see very little amount of oil You will also notice in my new vidoes that I will use little amount of oil, these are my secret recipes and techniques I use because in our food Health is very important for my family and I have found ways to make delicious food without using too much oil We will continue for another 5/6 minutes so we can lose the oil we are seeing and continue to stir and mash the vegetables

Do not mash fully but closer to the maximum point and should be able to feel some parts of vegetables in our mouth, thats the amount of mash were looking for I have given this 5/6 minutes and you notice oil we saw is now dissolved but yet still giving the shine? This the secret to use oil in the end Is to make vegetables look extremely colourful and delicious

I did not use oil to develop taste but used it to bring shine and life to it so it looks delicious My vegetables are now ready to go in our serving bowl This is the final look and I have used green chillies and coriander for garnishing purpose We can eat this alongside chapati, naan bread, rice with chutney and finally pitta bread Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe to my channel and click the bell button to be notified of my latest video's

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New Cookery Recipes
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