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Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel If you are a new follower, my name is Tiffany Beeston From Beauty and the Beastons

And every Sunday, I prepare a motivational video To get you ready for next week I also upload a video every Tuesday We load three times a week On our family channel: Beaston Family Vibe So, there are a lot of downloads Today’s video is one of my favorites And one of my favorite videos to watch What we will prepare is food for dinner Our filming and what we eat every night this week is real And I hope that gives you some motivation, It is not crazy I just want to show you all That you can cook at home And making good recipes, Without spending much money And without the need to overburden your mind in thinking

You do not have to be on Pinterest for 10 hours Trying to find meals for the week Before we begin, I want to say If you make any of these recipes, Please refer to Instagram on my page: tbeatson I love to share your recipes Also, I'd love to see your added touches on it But let's move on to today's video

Hey guys, so that's our first recipe that we make It is beef stew I don't think I'll hear anyone say He is not a fan of beef However, if you're new here, the kid in my gut, He wanted beef stew and I had to prepare it for him So, this is how we will count it tonight Pray to be good

If you wrote a cookbook, The title, let's pray, will be delicious But anyway, let's start our episode It looks very easy and hard to spoil Let's hope this is true You will need a pack of seasoning beef stew, And what really excites me Is that it always contains gluten

However, these are organic and gluten-free Then you will need stews I rely on the recipe written here Written kilogram But I brought a little over half a kilogram

Potatoes and carrots are also required But I only use small potatoes Then the little carrots A box of chopped tomatoes and one onion Two cups of water are also required But I guess I will use chicken broth as an alternative

Just to add some extra flavor So the first thing I do is chop this big onion I don't mind that it's too big, Because I'm sure it will give our plate Lots of good flavor Chop the onion I have two cups of chicken broth Instead of putting two cups of water

And I'm going to mix the seasoning container Right inside of them I don’t follow directions, Why New? I put onions with some olive oil first Leave it on fire for a bit I put some salt That beautiful voice that I was looking for

Leave it on fire for a second Those look good Now I'm just going to push it to the side I put the beef for a second A little oil, the pot looks a little dry

It gives everything more flavor Of course, you can throw everything at once As the instructions say But I think this method gives us a better flavor I throw some potatoes And islands

Now we will spice and chicken broth together Gosh! It smells really good how is that possible? I will put this Then we put the chopped small tomatoes Then stir everything well I leave it on fire for two hours You can do this perfectly inside an Instant Pot or a clay pot But I need to do it a little faster

And I want the whole house to be full With delicious delicious scents We put tomatoes Then since I can't drink wine, I will put some wine I put a little red wine in the food why not? Move it well

Gosh! It smells so good I hope it tastes good Because I was fingering it It is good comfortable food Thanks for not breaking Well, I'm going to cover the pot And let the magic happen

I will put it on medium heat for two hours I will check it at intervals Stir it well Gosh! I savored a piece of beef To ensure it is suitable and soft And oh my gosh! It is a very delicious taste I can't wait to eat this

I doubt children will eat it, but I can eat it "I was shocked that they ate it

" So today it is tried and true The pottery meal that everyone loves It's very easy, as if you put it down and you'll eat it It will be eaten by the whole family So we will prepare chicken taco today So I will only use one package From chicken thighs, skin and bone removed

Then just pack one chicken breast Because they will do a good mixture The quantity will be suitable for our family I put chicken, and I sprinkled pottery pot with Some cooking spray I'm going to put one packet of tacos Pour it on chicken, this is very easy I like to put it on the chicken directly Even the chicken gives flavor And I put a jar of sauce

It's 500g of mild sauce in the southwest I pour it all out And I will put it on high heat for four hours I put it all literally It's time to tear up this tacos

It looks cooked – Tacos! Do you want tacos? It's Ella This is what it looks like before being shredded So in front of us is taco chicken, lettuce and some guacamole, And some sour cream, And always roast a little corn tortilla Well, tonight's all about relaxing food Which I cling to

And now we make delicious hot chili with turkey Some corn bread, we'll actually make corn cake Nutty and Cheese Squash, Mix together is very good And now I have to heat the oven I prepared all my ingredients for corn bread

By the way, this is the best gluten-free corn bread I have water with some Himalayan salt I will boil it when I am ready for pasta The first thing I do is chop onions and garlic But I have to show you the boxes I use

I have two cans of hot pepper, And a box of sliced ​​tomatoes, And a bigger box of crushed tomatoes, Then this is not for hot chili This is for nuts and cheese But these canned items that I use I will put wash beans Then the tomato Just to get all of this off the road first

So I just used a yellow onion, I have used less Because I got bigger onions than Costco, So I did not use it all But yellow onions, some salt and some olive oil And now we'll start with the corn bread This is a mixture, I will pour one cup of oat milk You can use any type of milk you want

A third of a cup of vegetable oil Then a quarter cup of apple juice, This is because Ella does not like eggs So I use a quarter cup of apple juice per egg This requires one egg We are back again

It looks good I'm going to add two cloves of garlic now, Fry it for a second, then add turkey meat Every time I do this Okay, now I'm going to add some pepper And some salt

I like to add a lot of hot pepper powder, Without that without measuring spices But I always like how hot peppers come out I use a lot of hot pepper powder

The smell is really great here Well, now that it blends nicely, I add some coconut sugar I usually use brown sugar But this is a bit healthier I also know that many places are brown sugar free So this is a good alternative I don't put red pepper flakes Or anything like that

Just because, I try to make it moderate Carter will eat from this, I don't think Tanner and Ella will eat But Sometimes I desire spices, sometimes not Today I do not want it severe So I will leave this brown on a little fire Before I add it to the pottery bowl I just want to make sure everything is cooked Because I don't really like it Keep pottery pot for a while on fire I mainly use pottery To keep him warm while Chris is at the vet

Even when he comes back from there, the dinner is completely ready Let's leave this on fire for a second, And we put corn cakes Now we put the corn cakes, We add turkey meat to the beans and tomatoes Now boil some water To knock the nut Well, that's perfect So I will stop the fire

The corn cake is over, The hot peppers are largely over, Keep it warm until Chris gets home Now boil some water, not boil yet, Nutty and Cheese Squash Well, finally our water is boiling This is a penne pasta that I use, and I love it By the way, I will use the entire can

If we had leftovers, it would be very good the next day too Don't even think about pasta Let's get one video without boiling it So, I basically do it like we do with mashed potatoes So, I will put a nutty squash Back in the same pasta skillet

Add some butter All of this you can add according to preferences, as I always say I may need to add more later, I don't know But first, I will melt this I will kinda crush it – Illiterate! – Yes, my dear? dwarf! Be careful, it's hot What is this, Saif? – Yes! – This is a real cooking video If I hadn't mentioned that

Real life, what we prepare is dinner All this is nice and puree Just use some heavy cream The rest of my Alfredo dish Turn it over Then we add some cheese

Do you want to do that? Well, be careful Well done my love Are you cooking? You do a good job You should be careful because the pan is hot Hot Now add some cheese

You can use any cheese you want I use Mexican cheese, Because we always have this huge bag from it I will stir it up, then add a little to the top Wait, my love Really good

What, my dear? Now I will add some oatmeal Because I do not want to add more heavy cream Do you want to have oatmeal for dinner? Not referred! You ate oatmeal for breakfast To get oat milk When I refer to milk, creams and heavy things You are free to use the kind your family loves Ella is allergic to almonds, so I cannot use almond milk

I don't mind using coconut milk either This is another thing I really like But today I use oat milk Well, that sounds really good I will add pasta, add some salt and pepper, Then we put it in the casserole Tasty! This wonderful cheese

I baked this for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees Then I grilled it at a temperature of 550, For one minute at the end But be careful, because each oven is different, You can completely destroy your food when grilling But I like a little of that crunchy top Elie, are you going to eat corn cakes first? What is your opinion? Tanner, how is your meal? Hey guys, tonight's dinner is so great

I set myself up for success By preparing Brussels sprouts ahead of time So it was already cut I am sure you have seen it in the preparation menu And grocery video But we make the easiest and healthiest dinner ever And that's good, because we had a hard day

I prepared my own Brussels sprouts Then I bought this from Costco We love the salmon we get from Costco thanks dear You are very sweet

But this spiced wild Alaskan salmon And it has some really good spices You are bad Trying to tickle me But anyway, real life is here

These potatoes are cooked in avocado oil, They are red, yellow and purple potatoes With some things like salt and pepper So all are healthy This is the way they came We will put everything in the oven

We put this salmon in the oven first Because that takes the longest time Then we will go ahead and put these two Salmon in the oven I will just lay Brussels Cabbage, which I have here I put Brussels sprouts here

I will continue to add some oil, some salt and pepper Well, salmon is about 18 minutes left So I went ahead and put potatoes The Brussels Cabbage Well, everything was done Just add a little pure maple syrup To Brussels sprouts, to make it very good Just a little Then I will mistake him

Dinner is served It was easy and fast Hello again, and welcome to a very easy dinner What makes it easier Is that Chris forgot about the chicken at the checkout line at the mall But I am not angry about that, because I will not eat it anyway But, I'm going to show you What we have for dinner tonight

It's Friday night, the weather is nice outside I am very happy with this dinner And I'm sure the kids are happy, too The only person who is perhaps not happy About this dinner, it's Chris Because he was looking forward To the kebab that he loves, that I would have prepared So we have some corn cones, Who does not like corn syrup? This is very easy, I am not saying it is really healthy To eat these potatoes from the microwave But it's really good and we need a quick and easy meal

We have a hot dog cake Gluten-free And I think it is egg-free too Yes, it's egg-free too Then this hotdog

Usually we get a different kind of hot dog But they didn't have it, so we got this That's all, so we'll go ahead We put the corn on the grill, Hot dog on the grill These are in the microwave And we grill the corn in our own way So I'll show it to you at the end

Well, the first thing I do He wrapped all the corn in aluminum foil I know that, Aluminum foil is not the best for cooking food However, we have to put this corn on the grill But, I'm going to put it on the grill now Because it will take the longest time Then we will finally prepare the hotdog I am not saying that I am Chef Bobby Fly or anything Because I'm not, but

Especially now I prepare hot dogs and corn But don't be afraid to use the grill, ladies I know many people are afraid of it But there is really no reason for this All you do is turn on propane Then you turn on the switches, it's very easy If you use this excuse to prepare your husband’s food, This is quite good, be afraid of the grill

But, let's go to put things Also, the fire was set alight under the grill Almost two weeks before making corn So let's hope I never do that again So the corn was put in for 15 minutes And I just added hotdog to the small grill The atom looks perfect, I would like to say that I set it for 20 minutes

She stopped the grill And I would put the cakes for a minute, Still very hot So this atom came out perfectly, Only children will have to choose the burnt pieces But I really like cooked pieces So, I'm going to go ahead and chop all these things Children do not like to eat it on the cob And it is a crazy reason, because I was so brought up and thus eaten

But I will cut it and season it So I put a little butter in it, Now some pepper, a little because of the kids Chris and I will add our own peppers Some salt And also some corn flavoring If you went to a music festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania There they make the best corn, and these are their spices

I will add a little because it can get hot If they sell it online, I will search If they sell it online, I will put the link But it is very good in corn A side note as well, If you have a dog, keep corn cobs away from it

Once our dog Rookie searched the garbage Before we move to our island and all of those things, Before we remodel our kitchen And remove the cones And we literally had to surgically remove it Otherwise he would die Because dog stomachs cannot digest parts of cones So be careful with that This delicious dinner is served And also

it is good? Ella, look at your mother While I was cooking, Ella went to my mascara I am so proud that she knew to put it on her eyes though

This is an advantage – It's like Mike Tyson – The food is very good? well good Thank you very much for watching Do not forget to subscribe and like this video

On Tuesday, I'll see you for a day in the life video I will take you with me on Monday To hospital ultrasound Where should I go by myself Ultrasound will be for 12 weeks So, I am happy to take you with me I show you very much What is life like during pregnancy now? But in any case, don’t forget to subscribe, Click to like the video, and I'll see you on Tuesday

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New Cookery Recipes
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