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hey everyone welcome back to my channel Vanessa here! so as promised today we're making a cheesecake ya!y if you remember I said something about a cheesecake in last week video and if you haven't seen that well you should because I made some strawberry truffles and do I really need to see more? I don't think so! so go watch it! anyway about today's cheesecake well we're making a vegan cheesecake! I think that's pretty obvious at this point, right? now hold on I know why you're thinking! A vegan cheesecake?! Bleh! No! it's good! do you trust me? it's good! deep down you know it's gonna be good we're gonna use some coconut milk which is coconut so it's yummy righ?t and we're gonna use some melted chocolate and it's gonna be absolutely delicious! I mean you do trust me righ?t well trust me on that it's gonna be good

anyway if you want you can let me know what you think about this recipe just leave me a comment down below and if you wanna do something extreme you can even subscribe to my channel Isn't it amazing? I think that's pretty cool huh! so if you wanna be cool you really just have to subscribe to my channel it's all it takes well not really but it's a start anyway I'll stop talking right now and I'll see you next week for a new recipe bye

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