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No Bake Swiss Roll / Cookies | Quick Easy Chocolate Recipe | Easy Dessert Recipes | Kanak’s Kitchen


[UltraVid id=567 ]Hey Foodies, welcome to Kanak’s Kitchen I will be showing you how to prepare No Bake swiss roll This is a healthy, chocolate and coconut flavoured snacks for children, which is simple to prepare It comes out really beautiful Let me show you what all you need for this Ingredients Grind the biscuits in a blender I have used some parle biscuits You can also use marie biscuits Mix in the coffee powder Add the chocolate syrup Add a tablespoon of butter to it Add little water, if you find the mixture too dry Keep kneeding it to make it semi soft dough Next mix together the desiccated coconut Add the powdered sugar Cardamom powder Add the remaining butter Add some milk to make the stuffing out of it Apply some melted butter on a parchment paper Put the biscuit mixture first, roll it into 1/4″ thickness Try making it into a rectangular shape Spread the filling onto it evenly all around Press it firmly and start rolling it as tight as you can Do it with the help of parchment paper Put the roll into the refrigerator once ready Set it for 4-5 hours or until it is set enough Once set, remove the paper Cut it into 1/2 inch thickness slices They have come out really beautiful My easy no bake swiss rolls are now ready You can choose any other cookies or stuffing of choice Oreo cookies also work best in this Make sure to keep them in airtight container Else they will turn dry Try this easy recipe and let me know your feedback Hit the like button, share the recipe with your friends Subscribe to my channel ‘Kanak’s Kitchen’ I will see you next time, take care Bye Bye!

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