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Happy Thanksgiving! Hey guys! It's Jana! And today I'm gonna make my Thanksgiving green bean casserole it's a little different than normal so you might want to stay tuned and also an appetizer that I'm also bringing to our Thanksgiving meal we are celebrating with my husband's family at grandma's house so you know the food's gonna be fantastic and of course the company will be wonderful we haven't hung out for a while so it'll be nice to see everybody and enjoy Thanksgiving together and be thankful all around I am thankful for my awesome family and how much growth we have accomplished throughout this last year we have had a few things come up a few battles a few life things and we have come through it stronger wiser and ready to take on the next thing so we are very thankful for this past year for teaching us so many wonderful things sometimes the hard way but that's okay that's life right so tell me what you are thankful for this year down in the comments and I want to share these recipes with you so I will link them or type them I guess down below because they're semi my own creations just kind of mixed a few recipes together so I'll just type them up down below so you can have them for yourself and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving so go ahead and hit subscribe thumbs up check all the links down below let's make some Thanksgiving dishes here alright guys we got all the appetizers done and the green bean casserole so these are so good y'all takes a little while make them I'll give you that I stood there for a while but so worth it I had to make a few extra ones me and hubby had some oh my gosh they're so good so I just need to wrap that up and throw that in the fridge ready for Thanksgiving and then we have our green bean casserole well our non-traditional green bean casserole it is so good I mean everything with bacon is good and it's just it's different it's different and it's better that's all I have to say so be sure to check down in the description I will type out all the recipes just for you like I said there's no link sorry I kind of put these together from different recipes and kind of mucked it up myself so they're really good I haven't let you down yet so you better give them a try if you don't have time obviously it's already Thanksgiving so if you don't have time to make it for Thanksgiving believe me do it for Christmas so thank you so much for watching guys Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving wonderful family time and just enjoy the day and go ahead and hit subscribe and thumbs up check all the links down below and I will see you next time

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