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Nutricook: How to Cook Super Easy Chicken Biryani with Smart Pot 10 in 1 | English Subtitles



Hello, welcome! Cerita Dari Doha today is with me, Dee In the last Nutricook cooking series we talked about Nutricook Introduction so today we'll continue with the second basic recipe/menu, Chicken Biryani I've prepared all the ingredients here All ingredients are ready, Basmati rice has been rinsed Nutricook is ready too Turn on the Nutricook Smart Pot open the lid The first step is to add the rice to the smart pot stir it well if you like you can add vegetables to your chicken biryani too potatoes, carrots, chopped chilis etc it really depends on your preference and then you can add the chicken mix it well ok it's ready now close the lid make sure the lid is properly closed, turn it all the way to the left until you hear the clicking sound also remember to check the release valve, turn the valve to the right in sealing position (before you start cooking) and turn it to the left venting position (after finish cooking) choose the cooking program 'biryani' click 'adjust' button 3 times change the timing to 18 minutes Press the round button to start cooking there's you go, so easy right? Now we wait until the smart pot finish cooking after 18 minutes

After 3 beeping sounds, make sure to turn the release valve to the left to release the pressure Here it is Chicken Biryani is ready to serve let's see how my husband liking it 🙂 He said a lot, but basically, he likes it! The rice, the chicken, and the taste it all blends perfectly yayy! And there it is our Chicken Biryani by Nutricook So easy and fast! I hope you like the video if you have Nutricook (or other pressure cookers) let me know how you like it

Source: Youtube

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