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Oats Halwa recipe in Hindi | ओट्स हलवा रेसिपी | Manju Mittal | ManjuMittal Cookery House



Hello friends! I am Manju Mittal and today we will be making Oats Halwa! I'll start by taking a kadhai I have taken a cup of oats and I will dry roast it for a minute or two

When the colour starts to change I will turn off the gas Take a look at this, the oats are roasted I will turn off the gas and let it cool off for a while before we grind it But we won't be grinding it too fine We will keep it slightly coarse

The oats contain a lot of fibre and when you make this halwa with slightly coarse oats, it will turn out to be really tasty Check it out, it is perfectly grinded I have taken two cups of water and will keep it for boiling I have taken kadhai and I will turn on the gas to heat it We'll need two tablespoons of desi ghee

To this we will add the grinded oats We will cook, till it turns golden Whenever we are dieting, we often crave for something sweet Now, you won't have to think to have some sweet because we will have this Oats halwa packed with the goodness of oats It has taken us 3-4 minutes to cook it

It has turned into light golden shade Now I will add ¼ cup of rava (semolina) or sooji This too needs to be cooked for 2-3 minutes so that the colour of the sooji changes, and it turns into light brown We will cook it on medium flame If you cook it on a high flame, the sooji will take up colour pretty quickly but will feel and taste undercooked

So on a medium flame, I'll cook it for another two minutes I'll also add a pinch of cardamom powder It'll add a beautiful flavour Check this out, the oats and sooji are cooked perfectly Now I'll add one and a half cups of water And then, we will mix it well

The oats and sooji have soaked up the water I will switch up to high flame We can add the balance half cup of water It will help make the halwa nice and fluffy I will mix it again

Here I am adding half cup of brown sugar You may add regular sugar, jaggery, or any other sweetener of your choice This too needs to be mixed properly The sugar is adding a lovely colour and fragrance to the halwa Here I have added a little saffron to a teaspoon of milk

I'll add this to the halwa This will add a lot to the colour Check it out, our halwa is absolutely ready! The sugar is upto you, if you prefer it to be sweeter, you may add more sugar to it Now, let's serve! I have a taken a bowl and I'll grease it with some ghee I'll garnish it with some almonds

Check this out, our Oats halwa is ready to eat! To discover other interesting recipes made with oats make sure to check out our other videos If you like our recipe, then please like our video and subscribe to our channel!

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