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Assalamu Alaikum my you tube family welcome back to my Channel EID is coming, and this time it will be different Due to lock down , Many people can not travel to their home As I am abroad too On Eid day, I am gonna miss my family and Pakistan but perhaps it is better for all of us, wherever we are , just stay there and always be grateful to Allah that everyone is fine and connected with each other there is a famous saying It is the day of Eid and embrace us

That way of greeting Eid is also not possible because we have to maintain social distance So

This Eid is really different Uffffff what a depressing talks !negative News , I am saying

so Let's talk about good The good News is

that we can celebrate this Eid in a different way by making special Eid sweets As in this video, I am going to share Laddu recipe You can make these Laddu and pack them in a good jar , with Eid wishing card and greeting Note you can send to your friends, relatives and neighbors They will be glad to see , the unique way of greetings and you will feel good too

It will show , your Love and care for them that you make these laddu at home healthy oats laddu They will be pleased to see your way of Eid greetings with these healthy Oats laddu

In this video , I will make Oats Laddu Oats are healthy Carbs also contain protein and fiber Some people eat oats in breakfast as porridge and also bake oats cookies but we will make Oats Laddu First we will make , Oats dry fruit Laddu second, Oats coconut laddu then with another flavor Cocoa powder we will try Let's make our Oats laddu In hot fry pan, add 1 cup Oats after 2 minutes of dry roast I will grind it into powder form

Oats powder is ready take one cup of mix dry fruits almond,cashew and walnuts etc you can add any dry fruits of your choice we will chop them then dry roast it but not burn Now add one cup dates

coarsely grind do not grind it as paste just coarsely now we will add in dry fruits Here switch off the Stove Mix them together add 1 tea spoon of vanilla essence, half tea spoon of cardamon powder, 1 table spoon flax seeds it is also called Alsi then we will add one cup of dry roasted and grind Oats powder mix all well In this stage

add 3 to 4 spoon of honey see the dough form Now we will use hand to make laddu whatever size you want just make it look it

how perfect this is Dip it in dry coconut so This is our Oats dry fruit Laddu Second is Oats coconut laddu In boiling water, add condensed milk can without opening we need to boil it for 2 hours in low heat so that it's texture like toffee Now it has cool down see the texture alike toffee

because we boiled it in water for 2 hours In a container, Add 1 cup of dry coconut Add 1 cup grind Oats powder A pinch of cardamon powder or half tea spoon 1 tea spoon of vanilla essence and lastly add 1 Cup of sweet condensed milk as it is sweet, so we will not required extra sugar Mix all if you feel the dough is more sticky, you can add extra dry coconut in it now I can see it is perfect dough to make laddu as per your require size, you can make laddu This is perfect now Dip in dry coconut Oats coconut laddu ready Apart from this , we can Dip it in cacao powder to make it another flavor see this laddu dip in cacao powder then additionally can dip in dry coconut too it is up to you to dip in dry coconut so this will look like this It is all about your choice which flavor you like

I like this too Let's make rest of the ladoos so Ladoos are ready you can keep these Ladoos in refrigerator for 5 to 7 days so these were Oats Ladoos do let me know in comment which was your favorite Laddu? And if you are new in my channel Please subscribe it and press the bell notification button so that you will not miss my any videos Happy Eid to you All take care yourself and remember me in your prays Allah Hafiz Bye Bye

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New Cookery Recipes
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