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okra recipe – Okra Cooking – Small-sized Shrimp – Steamed shrimp with vermicelli



Okra Picking Okra Washing Salt sprinkling Cook with water Cut them into strips Chop garlic Soy sauce Mature vinegar Oyster Sauce Stir to make it mixed evenly Add a little warm water Sprinkle a little salt Pour the sauce over it Add a little sesame oil Add a little chili crumbs Very delicious Soak it in warm water Wash the shrimp clean Cut shrimp It can also be cut with scissors Cut up the meat inside In the same way, Clean up the rest of the shrimp Sprinkle a little salt Soy sauce Oyster sauce Stir to make it mixed evenly Put the shrimps in order Chop garlic Slice the pepper into small pieces Put garlic evenly on top of shrimp Put pepper on garlic Steam for 8 minutes Pour some hot oil It's delicious

Source: Youtube

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