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Omurice – How to cook this wonderful Japanese dish



Hey, I am KP Kwan from Taste of Asian Food In this video, I will attempt to make the Omurice, the Japanese fried rice with an omelet

It is a challenge to me as you know that my forte is on Chinese and Malaysian food So in this video, I've made two versions The first one is quite straightforward, but the second one is quite a challenge Anyway, I hope you will enjoy watching this video, and let's get started Get ready some chicken breast meat and cut it into a centimeter cube

Seasoned with some soy sauce Cut the onion into small dice You may also want to add some extra ingredients such as mushrooms Here the saucepan and add a tablespoon of cooking oil or butter Once it is heated up, throw in the chicken breast

When it is about half-cooked, add the onion Saute the onions until translucence, which will take about two minutes Then add the mushrooms Season with salt, pepper Keep flipping and serving over medium heat

Next, add the cooked rice Break up the rice and mix together with other ingredients Next, add the ketchup It will taste better if you have demi-glaze, otherwise just like me I'll just add a bit of soy sauce Flip and stir the rice until it turns fragrance and well combined

Then transfer the rice to a plate and keep aside Next, let's move on to make the omelet Crack three eggs Combined with milk, salt, pepper If you want to get a smooth texture, pass it through a wire mesh trainer

keHeat ep some oil or butter in the pan Stir the egg with a pair of chopsticks until it is half-cooked Now turn up the heat for a few seconds to set the bottom of the egg Slide the omelet onto the top of the rice Add more ketchup garnish and Serve

It's quite simple to do it isn't it, but if you want to do it in a more fancy way You know, the way when the omelet burst beautifully on top of the rice and the half cooked egg flow out like lava, that is a different story! I started with the same method as before Use the chopstick to roll up the egg Tilt the pan away from me, tap the hand to move the egg to the side and then flip the omelet over with the help of the chopsticks Put the omelet gently on the rice

Cut it open, yes done! But I know that that's still room to improve I've tried a few times but it's still not perfect You can take a look at how chef Motokichi do it skillfully, and I have included a link in the description for you That's how I make Omurice, and I hope you like It You can get the recipe in the description section right below this video

And don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking the subscription button and give me a 'like' Thanks for watching and I will see you again in another similar video on this channel soon Bye for now

Source: Youtube

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