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ONE POT Van Life Recipe That You Will Love Cooking (ENG SUB)



Welcome! To another historical Cook'n Flex episode in the making Susi I really want to welcome her with so much excitement because this woman is different she knows how to inspire others how to catch them and motivate them but I don't want to tell too much first I am happy you are here, Yes I am really happy to be here in Hamburg It's been a long time since we saw each other here in Hamburg How was it the last time? Where were we? Except of the parties you mean? We were at the harbor on Masterchef 2017? 2017, 2017 damn that's a while ago but before we tell the people what we are cooking real short who are you? what are you doing? in 3 or 5 sentences? we will here more form you anyway yea so I am Susi as we mentioned 1000 times already This is mi casa su casa So this is my little home here in the background Thats why we are standing in front of it to cook today A dish that I really like to cook in the van because it needs to be easy and fast and because we only have one pan We definitely cook with the most basic equipments I am normally not that often in Germany because I travel a lot mostly in Europe but once corona is over I want to go to the states so much to my person So guys she always has her home with her I want the people out there to know Why you decided to go for this journey with your van around the world and what motived you what inspired you we all really want to know but I think people also want to know, what are we cooking today yea yea Whats the name of the dish? I would say its my version of this what's the name again? It is definitely a modification of that but without sucuk so its vegetarian With my favorite Veggie the eggplant I will show you and we cook it together Okay, so this is your to go dish inside the van if you want to cook something fast yea I would say so and noodlesoups but that is my asian that is my asian flow Of course, of course that's a no brainer Let's start where do we begin? what can I do? alright, I would say we cut the eggplant first wash it okay I will wash it like I would always wash it That is, that is VANLIFE style you know what I mean so, I would say you just cut them into 1 cm thick pieces okay aight and I will cut the zucchini here into cubes I will wash this one too No Susi we know each other

because we were together in masterchef fighting for 100k grands which we both didn't win which we both didn't win, didn't win that experience really shaped us and our personality furthermore it shaped what you had inside even more That you went out, with you baby here what motivates you in general? I found the idea itself on instagram back then I just saw pictures and they were so dreamy it was pretty much the first inspiration but that is some form of inspiration I think nowadays there are so many inspirations on social media that you can get, no matter what topic and it was the first time that I saw VANLIFE exists you mean the van life style? and also when I went to Tenerife island and tried surfing the first time and I met some people who already slept in a relative empty van to catch the best waves in the morning Oh wow that serious? THAT serious To wait and sleep there? like people who sleep in front of the store for a new sneaker? and you guys wait for a perfect wave? yea yea it was that badass I am still waiting for the perfect steak that's not a centimeter is it? you cut it a little bit crooked though Okay that means you got inspired from different pages yes exactly realized okay they are waiting for the perfect wave and then? and this surf life style really flashed me I loved it

when was that? that wasss i was definitely 21, 22 years old that was 6 years ago I m super curious if this will taste good Van life style with only one stove and it needs to taste good now we will put the eggplant on here and put some salt on it so it can absorb the water so that the eggplant get super super soft otherwise it always takes a long time with them everybody who every tried to cook eggplants they know exactly and sometimes they are still hard correct so when we cook it it will be faster and how do we eat it at the end? with a little bread? or? yea or do you? do you, but do you do you have bread here? you don't have it? i forgot

noooo noooooooooooo but I have old bread toast I have toast I thought we should dip and then eat it yeaI definitely have toast here we will also make something like a pesto i want you to chop the pine nuts really small so we have crumbles as if pine nuts aren't small already oh shit I always think it is a nice texture if we make a pesto and it has some crunch to it a crunch just yes totally you mentioned that you want to go to the States? and you are already traveling for a while and for me personally you were trained in Europe you had several break downs you had many situations where you feared for your life yea that's true and I mean you are a mechanic you make your own content and all that I simply think that in Europe I have encountered in many different countries many new experiences but furthermore hardships six months ago this van was a right off THE car and I rebuild it again it was a hard way that I can say I mean I am only living for 1 week inside this van again and I normally live all year around inside the van but now with the accident I went back home to Germany Düsseldorf to rebuild everything step by step and that took time have you thought for a second that you have to stop and go back to a normal life? that honestly was never an option it was pretty clear for me no matter what I do even if the van wasn't fixable I wouldn't go back to an office job since you are ready with the pines I would say you can

uhh capers just a few for the flavor ok we also have one garlic here you chop them for me again please okay we are chopping here a lot those are the capers just mix it all together and add a little bit paste to it so first mixing it in and add more later to the pan? no I put a bit too much now and a bit oil and those are the thing I loved about your cooking on masterchef where I was asking myself how did she came up with that idea? and you see it already turned into a beautiful pesto super this is a really typical camping stove and the problem always is they get empty really fast I like to cook economical because one lasts 2-3 h oh for 2-3 h only? that means you have to cook dishes that go fast where we can say hey that's a cool one next

we will put the eggplant inside i will put a bit more oil with eggplants, I really like to put a lot of oil yea because eggplants soak oil super fast very fast yea extremely I mean you life is Massively influenced by traveling and you are also showing your life on YouTube and alot of your personality I just grew with it it did somehow became my work but nevertheless I don't pressure myself too much like many other content creators I would say i am feeling it, I have fun and then I take people with me some people probably asks themselves can you actually earn money with that "hobby" that you can afford this lifestyle and to live it? yes sure, I have been doing it 2-3 years now it was simply a byproduct because THIS I wanted to do it anyway yes And to that I can agree 100% because when you talked about your dreams the van didn't even exists What do people need to pull this through? I definitely would say you should have at least went camping before to know if you like camping or even sleeping out of a car the eggplants are pretty golden brown also soaked in oil, you can see that pretty well we have chopped up tomato I would personally put some water in we gonna put the flame a little bit on low at the beginning I didn't have a fridge but now I have one and it makes life so much easier i forgot the zucchini just then shi* when I should have put them earlier yes I thought the same yes I got totally confused and forgot we had some no way but its not too bad a little something something happened yea a little one i was so into talking I forgot okay we just try we just try because look cooking authentic means making mistakes but then its about how you get out of it that is somehow my speciality isnt it? yes and that is what makes you you can you take some parsley, a handful and you can just chop it roughly and I will take the pesto because you see the eggplants are very soft a good spoonful i mean you can just freeze it and use ut another time with the tomato paste it gets really thick that you add some water to it so it become creamy and not to thick ok with all the water we need to add more seasoning this is a bit thyme

we can add this a bit a bit chilli I love chillin and sweet pepper this is all out of my bunker we could also add some sugar to even out the sourness of the tomato okay look you probably never seen before what's this? we call it ice sugar ice sugar? yea and its different than sugar just suck on it i don't know it you notice but it is not like sugar lets get them eggs in just on top yours broke its okay now we only put the lid on yep that looks nice looks so different with the green huh yeaaa i have a little bit bread left from Denmark don't let me lie they are 2-3 days old i have a housewife hack for stale bread normally people use old bread for croutons HEY!!!"!)§(!")§() sorry just like a 2 face she showed her attitude a bit if you have bread just pour water on it totally weird right? you know when you want to make patties ARGH and that is my van life oven you can seriously bake with it although you don't have a oven i don't really know how this works but it works we are baking bread? in there? damn, brilliant minimalistic easy you see it burned a little bit but I will cut it off and we have seriously crunchy bread again insaneee with that hack you can eat or use old bread again as bread rolls we are done now!! that will be gobbled up fresh bread three days old but it seems like new i have a small vision on how to do it with the pesto swell? i am going to spread this pesto then I am in search of an bit of egg i have it here now i will eat this corner so everything inside one pan i think if you don't watch out and keep talking i will eat it all that tastes soo good take the paste I recommand it to spread it like butter mhh okay i will try as well this tastes really good okay guys thats yum we will continue eating Susi Thank you for being here today wir wish you and you guys also wish her all the best for the future and your way to the states we will all follow up and you know the next time on cook 'n flex lordi lord kocht we out

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