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Our Mama Teaches You: How to Cook Without Recipes



Hello, I'm Awan, and I'm Zaffar, and we are the C Boys Here's the deal Our mom is a great cook

She cooks delicious and healthy meals, which is rare For years people have been asking our mother to write a cook book Unfortunately, she doesn't use recipes It's very hard to do a cook book if you do not have any recipes So our father's been saying for quite some time now that the only way would be to record her

So we decided to record her We're gonna have our mom teach four cooking classes in our home During these classes she'll teach people how to cook without recipes We're going to record these classes so that we can edit the videos and offer them as online courses Tell them about the perks, Awan

After the course is finished, our mom has promised she'll produce a cook book from the classes The money will go to our college fund, and some to a computer so we can edit the videos, as well as a new camera, a better camera than the one we are using right now Because the classes are going to be recorded in our home we can only have 12 people attending The money will also be used for our mom to purchase the food for the classes Everything will be organic and participants will get to have dinner

Perk number 1includes four live classes, access to the recorded online course, and two e-books How to Cook without Recipes, and How to Eat How to Eat is a book my mom and my dad wrote together, to teach people how to choose foods How to Cook without Recipes is the book our mom will produce after this class Please take a look at the other perks

There's a catch: because the classes will be in our home, you either have to know us, know our family, or know someone who knows us Please take a look at the other perks Perk number 2 includes the online course and the 2 e-books With Perk number 3 you get the two e-books We are the C Boys and we are home schooled

Good bye!

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