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Hey guys! Welcome to Kimono mom’s Kitchen I’m Moe and this is Sutan Today we’re going to show you how to make OYAKODON Oyakodon is chicken and egg over rice It’s really simple recipe so you can make it very quick Please try it Let’s get started Here is ingredients for 2 parsons First, cook steam rice Rinse and soak it for at least 15 minutes Then cook with same amount of water Check the Yakitori-don video about how to cook the rice It's just beginning, so it's too early to cry "Wah~!" Can you help me? Okey, can you stand here and see what I do? Can you peel this? Like this Pull strongly Well, I'll leave it to you, so peel You are helping me your hand is stopping just peel it Stop Sutan! It must be pungent

Don't eat Cut the onion into wedges Ewww! Here is your snack Cut the chicken thigh into bite size pieces And finely chop it for baby Crack three eggs Then beat it lightly Well, next 100ml of Dashi 1 tbsp of sugar 2 tbsps of soy sauce 3 tbsps of mirin Sugar, Soy sauce, Mirin=1,2,3 have you remembered that? Add the onions Turn on the medium heat When the onions becomes tender, add meat Simmer at medium heat until meat is cooked In the meantime, make baby food Little bit starch Coat the finely chopped meat with potato starch Add 1/3cup of Dashi Onion A pinch of sugar And little bit soy sauce Litte bit seasoning Then, in the pot Add chicken coated with potato starch Are you tired of standing? Do you wanna go there? Add 1 tbsp of egg When the meat egg are thoroughly cooked, it's ready Yay, it's ready for Sutan OYAKODON for baby Cool it Smells good Scoop rice into a rice bowl Hold on, I'm making your dinner Okey, Sutan look here are beans Put it here Yes! Yes!!! Thank you so much for your assistance Yeahhhh! All completed Amazing! Ok, next Put it here Yay! Then, I put half of the chicken I made earlier in this small pan Turn on the heat When it boils, Add egg The first time, thoroughly cook the egg Use this spatula, to adjust the shape of this ingredient to match the shape of a bowl Then, tightly When the chicken and egg are firmly attached Add the second egg And immediately close the lid and turn off the heat Cover the lid and wait for about 10 seconds Residual heat cooking Put this on rice Looks good put MITSUBA or some green vegetables on top It's all done! OYAKODON is ready ITADAKIMASU Sutan, put this apron when you eat Put this Open your mouth "NO" Ah~ Don't you want? Don't you want wear this? Okey, try to open your mouth How is it? Yummy? Can you eat another bite? You don't really care Is it nothing special for you? Good girl! Good job! It's my turn ITADAKIMASU Mmmm Delicious! Is it getting better? It is called Oyako-don because it uses chicken and eggs It's like me and you In Japan, we often eat raw eggs Many people prefer Oyakodon with runny eggs If you don't eat chicken, you can enjoy it without chicken

it's called TAMAGO DONBURI Eggs and onions and same seasonings It's also really good How was Oyakodon? As always, mirin can be replaced with 1 tablespoon sugar It is probably made with ingredients available anywhere in the world, so you can easily make it by the way, OYAKO means parent and child in Japanese because It's made from chicken and eggs And if you made it with pork or beef, call it TANIN DON rather than OYAKODON TANIN means a stranger TANIN DON is also delicious All right Thank you for watching! Please subscribe to my channel If you have any requests, please let me know in the comments See you next week Bye bye

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New Cookery Recipes
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