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Pain aux raisins – Recette par Chef Sylvain



Succeed the "pain aux raisins" recipe with Chef Sylvain Start by putting the flour, the sugar and the salt together in the tank of an electric mixer, then add the baking powder but it mustn't be directly in contact with the sugar or the salt Add the egg, the melted butter and half of the water Start stirring the mixture with the hook attachment of the electric mixer Add some water while the mixture is being mixed, scratch the edges of the tank then continue

Your dough must stick a little bit on the tank wall in order to make a good kneading Knead the dough at average speed during 10 minutes or so Dust your dough with flour, mix during 30 sec to detach the dough from the tank wall before putting it into a container With the hands covered with flour, fold the dough to obtain a nice dough ball Cover the container with a wiping cloth and let stand at room temperature for 1 hour

After one hour, place your dough on the worktop before folding it to free the carbon dioxide created by the baking powder Make a nice dough ball then leave it to rest in the refrigerator for 4 hours Hit the butter with a rolling pin to form a square Roll up the dough to form a square too, then fold the dough over the butter Roll up the dough and fold it in three, it's called a "tour simple", then rotate the dough a quarter turn

Redo the same manipulation once again, rolling up the dough progressively Before doing the third and last "tour simple" (simple turn), put the dough in the refrigerator during half an hour Roll up the dough to obtain a 25 cm wide and 4 to 5 mm thick strip To continue, we need 450 g of cold pastry cream and some raisins "de Corinthe" previously macerated in some Rhum and dried Beat one egg in a bowl

With a paint brush, glaze the edges of the dough on 2-3 cm long Spread the pastry cream with a spatula then disperse some raisins on the cream Roll tightly the dough to make a rolling pin Cut the rolling pin into 3-4 cm wide pieces, then place them on a baking sheet, spacing them Humidify the "pains aux raisins" with a paint brush and a bit of cold water

Then, let them stand at room temperature during 2 hours or so Glaze the "pains aux raisins" with a paint brush and one beaten egg, then bake them in a 210°C oven during 20 to 25 minutes Please give a thumb's up if you liked itDon't forget to share this video on the social networks and to subscribe in order to not miss a single video

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