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Pan dulce ESPONJOSO sin horno – Recetas de panes y bollos



Hello Friend how are you? I'm Svieta At Today’s video I’m going to show you how to prepare at home some muffins or sweet buns in the pan That the absence of the oven or high temperatures environmental not be an impediment to enjoy some homemade, fluffy rolls and delicious

But before starting with the recipe I would like ask you if you have not subscribed yet to my channel, subscribe please In warm water we add the yeast I I am using fresh yeast but also You can use baker's dry yeast The quantities of the ingredients I will leave you at the end of the video and below the video, in the description We add 1 teaspoon of sugar

Stir until the yeast is diluted Let the mixture stand for 10-15 minutes or until the yeast is activated That way we check that the yeast that We are using it works You will know that the yeast has been activated when you see that foam appeared on the surface In a bowl we sift the wheat flour normal, common, all-purpose

We add the salt And the remaining sugar Remove We add the yeast mixture We add 1 egg

The egg that I am using It is size L We add the oil We integrate the oil into the dough We close the container and leave the amsa in Rest about 20 minutes, so they get wet properly the flour particles We dump the dough on the table

We knead it until it becomes smooth and elastic At first the dough is sticky but then It will be collected When you see that the dough no longer sticks to the table stops kneading it I have taken 16 minutes to knead it You may need a little more than time or a little less, depending on the skill you have for kneading

You can also knead the dough in the kneader And it would be about 20 minutes or until you see that the dough has become smooth, elastic and is taking off from the container of the kneader We put the dough in the bowl, cover it and let it rise almost doubling its size At 28 ° C my mass has taken 45 minutes to rise At a higher temperature it will rise earlier and vice versa We deflate the dough

We try to remove all the air We let it rise again doubling its size At 28 ° C my mass has been slow to double its size 50 minutes But you know, at temperature higher will rise before and vice versa We divide the dough into 9 equal pieces

We make the balls We leave the balls at rest for 10 minutes It is for the mass to relax We take a ball and stretch it We put the filling that we like the most

I am going to put 1 teaspoon of raspberry jam We close them as follows We cover them and let them rise almost doubling its size We put the pan on low heat and heat it About 5 minutes At 28ºC my rolls have been slow to rise 35 minutes But you know that at a higher temperature they will rise before and vice versa

We take them to the pan We cover them and cook them until they brown under We turn them around And we also cook them on the other hand until Let them brown When you see that they are golden, we remove them of the pan

I've taken to cook them 5 minutes on each side In the same way we cook the rolls remaining Sprinkle with icing sugar or sugar impalpable And so they have been inside Perfectly cooked

They are very fluffy Very rich They have nothing to envy made buns in an oven All I can tell you is to do them because they will make you enjoy a lot Tell me in the comments that you thought the recipe See you in the next video


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