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Pan Seared Ahi Tuna Recipe – Ahi Tuna Marinade – How To Cook Tuna



what is up everybody this is Lyle with no hippie bbq and what I'm going to be doing in this video is we're going to be making some seared ahi tuna we're gonna have a chance to let this tuna marinate for a good eight hours before we start searing it off the marinate that we're going to be using that has a nice little Asian kind of a theme to it we're going to be pairing this seared tuna with some pickled shallots cucumbers and jalapenos and we're going to use some of that sauce it's almost like a dipping sauce for this ahi tuna should be a very simple recipe what we're gonna do now is just hook up this marinade now I'm just going to kind of throw this marinade together but what I will do is I will put the ingredients and amounts in the description below this is gonna be good for around two pounds of fresh ahi tuna which is what we have here so we have our two pounds of tuna we have some sugar we're just gonna throw this in our bowl some salt and pepper some minced garlic and garlic powder would work as well some sesame oil skip this salt in here some lime juice and our soy sauce now we're just gonna mix this up make sure it's mixed together well and let me move this to the side I'm gonna grab a ziplock bag we'll just not throw the tuna in a ziplock bag and it's gonna have a chance to sit in this marinade like I said for about eight hours and about four hours through I will go ahead and and flip those over just to make sure that there's marinade contacting every ounce of this tuna and if I didn't mention it earlier I will have a recipe for this these pickled vegetables here once we are done searing off the tuna I'm going to pour off some of this liquid add a little bit of wasabi paste to it and that's we're gonna dip this tuna in and I'm just gonna kind of massage this in real quick before it goes in the refrigerator and I'll see you back in 8 hours all right guys so we've got a chance to let this tuna sit in that marinade for about seven hours now we're gonna go ahead we're going to take the pickled vegetables we're gonna go ahead and drain those off now at this point you could go ahead and crust this ahi tuna with like some sesame seeds or something like that but I think there's enough sesame flavor in there with the marinade that we use so there we go we have our liquid drained off and that's probably a little bit more than I need right there I'm gonna go ahead and grab another bowl a a little bit more of a manageable size and we're just gonna go ahead and pour this in here we're not gonna need this much liquid for our dipping sauce or whatever that's good to go I have my wasabi paste that I mentioned earlier we're just gonna go ahead and squeeze some of this in if you don't like wasabi obviously leave it out I'm a big fan of wasabi so I'm gonna go ahead and stir this in in the meantime I'm gonna lift this fresh tuna or this tuna and dry out for probably about another 10 minutes I'm gonna get my skillet screeching hot and we'll go ahead and start searing that off these vegetables right here and I've already tasted them they are the bomb this is good by itself sear this off I'm only gonna sear one of these off because my family's gonna be home a little bit later so I'm just gonna go with one right now I'm using a grapeseed oil that is right below the smoking point and you can use whatever kind of oil you want I didn't want to use sesame oil because there's enough sesame in this marinade so let's go ahead and get this in we're only going to have this in for about a minute and a half percent so as you can see this brown is kind of creeping up along the sides we're about a minute and 15 seconds in I'm gonna go ahead and flip this now and that should be enough right there go ahead and remove it I'm just gonna let it sit on the cutting board for about five minutes before we cut into it this has had a chance to rest for about five minutes we're gonna go ahead and slice into the tuna tuna can be pretty delicate so I'm using the sharpest knife that I have which happens to be this cheap boning knife that I bought off of Amazon just go ahead and I'll put a link to this in the description in case you want to run by there and take a look at it but boom here's what we're looking like that looks perfect and we are cutting against the grain and I'm going to go ahead and plate this up I made through throws some sesame seeds on top of this just for a little bit of garnish and I'm gonna come down here just to make it a little bit cleaner for our plating presentation and yeah we'll go ahead and get to that here in just a minute so I cannot wait to get into this when I go out to get sushi my favorite part of going to a sushi restaurant is some of this seared tuna so let's get in now first I'm going to take it by itself and that is delicious and I'm gonna get it with some of this sauce that we made earlier with those pickled vegetable remnants that is even better now I'm going to stack up some of these pickled shallots jalapenos and I'm gonna get a piece of this cucumber on here along with the tuna dip this in that right there I've been headed now if you happen to be watching this and you don't like tuna man this pickle vegetable is good enough to eat by itself a little spicy for some of you guys that may not like spice but listen before I take another bite of this I'm gonna thank you guys for stopping by no BP BBQ How To Cook Seared Tuna Steak How to cook ahi tuna

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