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Pan Seared Steak Recipe – How to Pan Cook Steak Perfectly



what's up everybody this is Lyle with no hippie BBQ I know I'm putting the hurting on the old vision with these fashionable threads from barbecue hippy calm but listen I went over there by a bunch of shirts cuz you know I'm down with the hippies anyway I'm gonna leave a link in the description where you could buy all different kinds of apparel coffee mugs things like that in the description anyway well we're going to be making today is we're going to be making some pan-seared steaks with a nice brandy cream sauce anyway this is a pretty straightforward recipe let's get into the ingredients for this perfect steak these are the ingredients were going to use to hook this up I have some strip steaks here that I'm gonna let come to room temperature for about an hour after I salt and pepper I have some brandy heavy cream some beef stock some butter black pepper capers with the brian drained off darling kosher salt and then I have some clarified butter and I'm gonna use the clarified butter to cook the steak in our skillet just so we won't have any burning action going on anyway the first thing I need to do is I'm going to go ahead and get our pepper or get our steak salt and pepper it up and we're not going to be shy with the pepper on this steak all right I'm gonna go ahead and finish the rest of these off-camera like I said they're gonna have a chance to come to room temperature and that should be about an hour so our steak has had a chance to come to room temperature I have some clarified butter in our skillet here we're just going to go ahead and we're going to throw these steaks in and I'm gonna go three and a half minutes aside so that's our first three and a half minutes let's go ahead and flip it and that looks beautiful right there do another three and a half minutes so that's three and a half minutes on that side now we're just going to go ahead and touch these edges up for about 25-30 seconds on that side that's wind flip it over if it's over all right so that's a wrap let's go ahead and get these off I'm gonna set these aside and we'll get started on this side so to make this sauce really all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and throw in our shallots garlic and our black pepper goes left over from my steak seasoning we're just gonna cook this down a little bit so this has been a couple minutes shallots are kind of softened up we're gonna go ahead and throw in our capers and I like a lot of capers in mine so I'm going with this whole bottle it's gonna hit it with a little bit of this be stopped well maybe a little bit more and I'm gonna go ahead and let that reduce down for about 3540 seconds all right now that that's cooked down a little bit we're gonna go ahead and get down to my new favorite technique we're gonna go ahead and pour some of this brandy in I'm gonna try not to jump back but I'm gonna go ahead and light this up on fire a quick now that our flames gone out we're going to go ahead and add some heavy cream and we're gonna bring this to a simmer and let it cook down a bit and I'm going to say probably three minutes now that this is a chance to reduce I'm going to go ahead and turn this off I'm going to go ahead and add our butter and I'm going to go ahead and start plating up or getting this steak cut up and then see what that looks like and then we'll plate up one of these so let's get into this steak and see we're looking like I'm extremely happy with this right here you know I've got a nice little pink inside nice crust on the outside a little kind of that medium-rare if you want to get medium well I probably go ahead and maybe cook it a four and a half five minutes the side and then well-done maybe six minutes aside anyway as you can see in that picture I did pair this with some dill mashed potatoes some asparagus and then this steak but like I said this is all about the state so let's get into that get a little bit of this sauce on here that sauce is a winner now it is a little chunky because I have those you know hold jar capers I got a bunch of those shallots in there the way I would like it if you want a little bit thinner I obviously don't add as much well I meant it I might as well get in these potatoes those are awesome asparagus is always good anyway I will highly recommend this recipe to anybody that's looking to cook a steak and doesn't want to get outside on the grill this right here how much this is this is a tin anyway give it a try again run by barbecue hippie comm pick up all your hip you doing gear out there I'm listening about a bunch of these shirt so I'm going to be rocking them I got some giveaways coming up and you know I can't say enough about that

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