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Pancit Bihon Recipe (Filipino Food)



What's up guys, today Nicole and I are gonna show you how to cook pancit bihon Pancit bihon is a Filipino stir-fried rice noodle dish that contains a variety of meats and vegetables

To start off, pour in two to three tablespoons of oil into a large wok over medium heat Then throw in half a large sliced onion And saute it until it becomes translucent Next add in four cloves of minced garlic And saute them until they become fragrant or become a light golden color

Afterwards throw in half a pound of cut chicken thigh meat and cook it thoroughly 80 to 90% of the way through That way when you throw in your half pound of peeled shrimp, you don't run the risk of overcooking it Once your chicken and shrimp look perfectly cooked You can begin adding your vegetables First add in 1 cup of julienne cut carrots

And then cook them for a quick sec And then throw in 1 cup of sliced celery and stir-fry them in as well Lastly add in 1/4 of a head of chopped cabbage and mix everything together Now add in 1/4 of a cup of soy sauce, 1/4 of a teaspoon of black pepper and 1 cup of chicken stock Mix everything together to help infuse some of that chicken stock flavor into your stir-fry

Next transfer your stir-fry from the wok into a separate bowl and make sure to leave the chicken stock in the wok It's ok if you aren't able to transfer every single piece of vegetable over, but at least try to get all the meat When you're done add another cup of chicken stock into the wok We'll be using the stock to soften and cook the bihon rice noodle for our recipe We used an 8 ounce pack of this brand of rice noodles, but feel free to use whichever is available

Just make sure it's specifically bihon rice noodles So now just toss in your noodles and submerge them into your chicken stock If your noodles are being stubborn you can dip one end into the stock and pour some of the stock on top to help soften it initially Once the noodles are easier to work with continuously stir the noodles until they've absorbed all the chicken stock And then finally add the meat and vegetables back in and mix everything together We recommend using two serving utensils to stir everything together to make it a little easier

Once you're done, you have yourself a mouth-watering wok of pancit bihon Now just serve a couple scoops onto a plate and add a lemon wedge to squirt on right before you eat it And lets eat! It's talagang tasty! What's up guys? If you guys liked the video, make sure to give us a thumbs up and leave a comment below And if you want to see more videos then hit the subscribe button below and tap on the bell icon so that you get notified as soon as we drop the next one!

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