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Hello i love pooja Once again in your channel Welcome Today i am with you A very testy snake recipe I am about to share Which is very quick It's easy to get ready

As well as making it More content Needs are not required either You breakfast it in morning Children's lunch box Or by making any small big party Can serve all All of them are very much liked So before that I have given this recipe Start, I will request you to If you have yet to access my YouTube channel Cooking with Pita Pooja Not subscribed, So Kindly subscribe to it, And together with Bell's icon Do not forget to press her So that you will come to our Keep getting notifications of every new recipe So let's start making it

I have to make it here 200 grams of paneer is taken I have just pulled it out of the freezer, So this is quite hard Let's first soften it Put hot water on it And now for 10 – 15 minutes Leave it just like that

And by then we make some preparations Here I have finished cutting some things Have a big size onion The amount of onion in this recipe Being more, it looks more tasty Have two green chillies, Chilling the quantity of your test Do more or less

Chilli will also be cut into small pieces And coriander leaves I have also finished it by finely cutting And now it's been fifteen minutes And the cheese has become soft Take it out of the water

Do not throw this water We will use this water for the next So let me put it in the side Now you can grind it like this and grind it Now it has become fine enough

In it we add onions, green chillies And put coriander leaves According to the test put salt Now mix these things well To fry these balls Medium flame in one embroidery Oil will keep heating up Here I have taken refined oil

You take any oil you like With this – only – in this plate I Half a cup of semolina is also taken Now that we have made cheese stuffing, We are going to fill her in slices of bread I have used white bread here, If you want to make it even more healthy You can also make it from brown bread or multi grain bread Can make You have a small or large slice of your choice Take any breads Its edges you want Can cut it apart Today, in the market today also there are also cut edge breads

So you can use it if you like Or you can take it out even without the edge I'll tell you by creating both ways This was the cheese that we kept I am taking it in my work

This is a big size bread And its edges have come out We will swallow it in water Pressing between both hands Extra water will remove Now in this we will put the cake with the cheese

Now wrap it around Pack a ball and give it And this is the semolina we took It will rotate in this way These balls are packed well by rotating in semolina And their looks also look good

So it is ready to fry our paneer ball oil Now I make a second ball and tell it Which I am from a small walnut bread Without making the corners out, The bread will be swallowed in water Pressing between the two palms Extra water will remove Put stuffing And now all around Shut it off and give shape to the ball

It will also turn into semolina In this way, we will prepare all the balls And now we will heat deep in oil The oil has become hot Will put the balls

Here we are on Medium to High Three to four minutes Or until they are light brown Take the floor Do not cook it for a long time Therefore, the flame will keep the medium to high And just as soon as Change its color from top to bottom Take it out It's been around 3 – 4 minutes And this has become light brown Take them out

In this way, we will make all the balls ready and prepare And now our cheese balls are ready These are the green chutneys of coriander Tomatoes will serve with sauce These cheese balls are crisp from above But there are a lot of tests from inside The cheese that is stuffed inside it, His test is very big

So you must try and try it And how did you find this recipe? Let me tell you in the comment box And if you like this recipe, Then like it and share it And if you have not yet Not subscribed So do subscribe to it And together with the icon of the vine Do not forget to press it

So that you will come to our Of every new recipe Keep getting notifications Then meet again with a new recipe Thanks for that!

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