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Paneer Recipe | How to make Paneer at home | Cook with Kani | Ep.1



Hello Guys, I am Kanishka Sree You are watching Kani's Universe Today, we will be going into Kani's Universe and again into the Planet 'Cook with Kani' Let us say hi to Cook with Kani Planet Like, Share and Subscribe to Kani's Universe Let's get into Kani's Universe MUSIC Cook With Kani by Kanishka Sree in Kani's Universe Now, we are in the Planet 'Cook With Kani' Let's see what's going to happen in Cook With Kani Now, we will see how to do Paneer at home Do you know why I have selected the Paneer recipe for today? It would be good if we prepare Paneer at home

That would be a healthy and easy recipe Do you know how many ingredients do we need to prepare Paneer at home? Let me tell you Just 2 ingredients are needed Mithun: Really? Yeah, that's true Do you know what they are? They are Milk and Lemon juice (without salt) That's it The milk that we use here should be Full Fat Milk Full Fat Milk means thick Milk without adding water Now, the Milk and Lemon juice is ready Now, let's heat up the milk

Mithun: Why are you rinsing the milk? It would not overflow if we do that Mithun: Oh! Now, the milk has started to heat up Let's wait until it heats up completely In a few minutes, we would be able to add Lemon juice with it (2 minutes later) Now, the milk has heated up, let's add some lemon juice to it

[Adding Lemon juice to it] [Milk curdling] Now, the milk has curdled We need a cheesecloth or a light cotton cloth We also need Filterer Now, let's place the cloth on it Let's pour it into the cloth that's placed above a filterer that's placed above a bowl

If you don't like the smell of Lemon juice to remain, then rinse it with water If you don't like the smell of Lemon juice to remain, then rinse it with water [rinsing with water] (MUSIC) Now, let's make it into a shape like square or a cube We have to keep it aside for 2 hours in the same posture The paneer is ready and it is in a cube shape

Let's keep it in a filterer like this We have to keep a heavy material above it 2 HOURS LATER Now, the Paneer is ready Let's cut it into pieces It's soft and spongy Just look at the way it looks

It is soft and spongy Mithun loves it Audience (Mithun): I'll try it at home like many others do The Paneer Castle is ready SUBSCRIBE TO Kani's Universe

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