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Parents Coming Home But You Forgot To Cook the Rice? – ft. Evelyn Mok



– Oh, shit! – Mom on the way home? Did you forget to cook the rice? We all know what happens then – Noooo! – [Narrator] Never get a slipper thrown at you again with our all new rice cooker with Asian parent AI

Featuring AI technology that has memorized your meal schedule and will gently nudge you with voice commands when you forget – [Rice Cooker] Hey, you stupid idiot, time to cook the rice! – Oh, yeah – [Rice Cooker] Third time this week you almost forgot, that's why your brother's your mom's favorite – Oh, you're so funny sometimes, Rice Cooker (water running) – [Rice Cooker] Stop looking and keep washing! – [Narrator] With our high standard technology, we've managed to harness the harshness of Asian parents, and combine it with our revolutionary AI

– [Rice Cooker] Aiyaaa, your cousin is doctor, and you can't even push a button! Why you measuring water with cup? Just use finger, you so white, use finger, stupid! Bitch, watch it! Brown rice, what the hell? What are you eating next, quinoa? – [Narrator] And we have a new, non-waste technology – [Rice Cooker] Why you wasting food? There are children starving in Africa, useless, stupid – [Narrator] Don't just take our word for it, here are some words from happy customers – The rice cooker is great I never forget to cook rice anymore, and now I have more free time! I've recently taken up therapy! – [Rice Cooker] You don't need therapy, it's all in your head! (lighthearted string music)

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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