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PASTA DE LENTEJAS Gratinada 😍 | Recetas Veganas | Veganamente



Hi, I'm Raquel, today in Veganamente I'm going to make grated lentil pasta To do it, we will need: a packet of lentils pasta finite textured soy zucchini that we have chopped very often, in cubes Red pepper carrot celery onion Garlic a can of crushed natural tomato potato cheese, here you just have the link to the video of the recipe and below, in the description of the video, you can also find it finally salt and olive oil We put oil in the pan and we are incorporating the vegetables one by one so that all of them are cooked I always start with garlic and now that he's releasing the aroma, I'm going to incorporate everything else

We season and let them sit for a while until they are soft they have already begun to soften the vegetables a bit and they are already releasing their juices so now let's incorporate soy, without soaking! we throw the crushed natural tomato we season another little like the tomato sauce is not enough to moisturize textured soy now we are going to incorporate water I have done it this way so that it absorbs the flavor of vegetables and tomatoes, but, as you can see, he needs liquid, now we're going to as needed we put a little water You see, it's just a little juicy, because you do not need more and we will leave it to soft fire 15 or 20 minutes and while this is done we are going to cook the pasta we take a container suitable for the oven and we put about half of the pasta covering the background now we put the sauce we have made with soy and tomato you can put it like that or put the pasta in the sauce, in the pan, and mix everything, but hey, it seems to me that it looks nicer we already have a good amount now we cover with the remaining pasta and finally we cover with potato cheese now we take it to the oven to gratin, until the cheese is brown and we have the dish ready And this is the result Vegnízate! A very delicious, complete and nutritious dish Thank you very much for going through my kitchen, but now I leave you, because I'm looking forward to eating this dish that is saying eat me And if you also liked the recipe, leave me a like, subscribe if you have not already done so, Share with everyone and see you in the next recipe


Source: Youtube

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