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Hello dear friends, today we wanted to share the bagel recipe with you first let's count our ingredients 1 cup warm water, 1 egg, 1 tea cup warm milk, 1 tea glass of liquid oil, half pack age yeast, 3 teaspoon powder sugar, 1 teaspoon salt Now we're starting to knead dough Take 1 cup of warm water Warm tea in a tea cup

Liquid oil in a tea cup Three teaspoons of sugar Half pack age yeast One egg Now let's mix well Add salt

Now, we add the flour slowly Let's pack our dough We need to knead the dough very well To get a nice bagel Our hand is kneading the dough itself needs to be separated It has to be a non-sticky dough

I used five and a half water broth with this water glass We need to put in a controlled way The amount of flour may not be the same in everyone Now we're picking our dough Cover Leaving for about 40 to 50 minutes In the meantime we prepared sesame seeds, roasted sesame seeds It's better if you use roasted sesame seeds Now let's prepare the molasses Let's prepare the molasses mixture Half a cup of molasses We use half a glass of water, mix well Mixed with molasses Now let's take them aside Our yeast is fermented We've got a hand on our little toes Let's air the dough

Our dough is very nice Let's get the dough on the counter Let's cut the dough into tangerine-sized pieces We will prepare 2 pieces of each piece for each As you can see, it doesn't stick to any hands A very enjoyable dough We divide every cloth we prepare into two parts Two pieces required for each bagel A total of 12 simit in these sizes Let's roll each cloth in hand 2 meringues required for each bagel We're putting two ends together and rolling them around We're reuniting the two ends In this way Petmezli bagel with water Then thirsty With each side Then we put it on the baking tray Our bagels are ready, now we are waiting for tray yeast 30 – 40 minutes or so We cook in pre-heated 180 degrees oven for 30 – 35 minutes

Bottom top Our bagels are ready Warm I'll tell you all to try Now enjoy your meal See you in our next video

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