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YouCook ! Hi everybody, and welcome to this YouCook tip Today I'm going to show you how to make a pâte à choux dough

For starters, I put 500 ml of water in a pot Then I'm adding 120 g of butter, and allowing it to melt over strong heat Now that my butter is melted, I'm taking my 250 g of flour and putting it all at once in the pan before mixing everything First, I'm mixing with a whisk Once my dough forms a smooth ball I'm stirring it around with a spoon in order to dry it out

I haven't stopped stirring the dough to dry it properly usually 4 minutes are enough Now I'm taking my dough and transfering it into a bowl I'm mixing it vigorously to cool it down Next, I'm adding eggs I'm using 5 eggs You might need only 4, it depends on the consistency

Once you've added an egg and mixed, the dough should form a ball again, just like this, before you can add another egg Here you go guys, I've added 5 eggs Check out my dough, it has the consistency I was looking for I'm Pat, and this was the pâte à choux recipe! Hugs and kisses, ciaooo ! Subscribe to our channel, and watch another video You can also follow us on social media by typing "YouCook Cuisine" More importantly, don't forget to read the description down below it contains a lot of useful information See you, ciao ! YouCook !

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