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Hi friends, I'm miss peachy and today we are going to be cooking! Lets unpack the Groceries! Let's see what we have here We have fruit!

tuna, oops!sardines, cereal Soup baked beans some vinegar tomato ketchup, pepper and salt and some milk! Hmm let's make some tea I'm gonna put the tea bag into the cup! And boil some water Just wait for that to get hot! while I keep stirring

(Humming) pour that into the cup And then stir stir stir stir stir stir stir Pick out the tea bagand mhhmm hot tea! And my eggs are ready, I LOVE having eggs for breakfast

And now on to the burger for lunch I am going to cook the burger on both sides Wait until that cheese has melted And then add the pickles! Mhmm!! Add to the bun! Add top bun and what a tasty burger yum-yum-yum And here's the sandwich I've prepared for lunch tomorrow! I just have to add some tomato ketchup a sprinkle of pepper and a sprinkle of salt! Some fries yeah, that will finish this off nicely Let's boil an egg so I can have a boiled egg in my lunch box too! I'm also making a doughnut for today's pudding cuz I love doughnuts! Yummy Well, that's all for today thank you for watching and if you like this video, please leave a like and subscribe! See you next time Bye Bye!

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