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Hello all friends, welcome to my channel Thank you very much for tuning in

It's sweet! Oh my! The husband is peeling the sugar cane for his wife and daughter to chew Oh my! Don't want the wife to lose her teeth I peel for her Here Honey

Thank you Dear Do you want some? Naly is sharing Mmm The one I gave you is sweet Mine is a bit sour It was cut too soon Ouch Mommy, you are going to break you teeth

Naly is afraid that Mommy will break her teeth How about your teeth Naly? I can still eat You already lost your teeth Yeah, I could still eat It does not hurt

– No? – I could still eat Might loose your teeth again Nope I never broke my teeth You never broke your teeth? These sugar cane were grown at my brother's house

His name is "PEOU" (meaning youngest) and he plants sugar cane When it turns this color, reddish, it's sweet This one is not yet reddish, it's still light If it's reddish like this it would be sweet This one is sweet and sour

My brother came earlier to get our rooster to breed He brought some sugar cane stalks for us to plant and for us to eat some It's all over my shirt The sugar cane is dripping down your arms It's juicy

Eating sugar cance just like in Cambodia They can be grown in America too Sweet The one the wife chew Look at my teeth

More juice in this part When Naly went to Cambodia in 2016, she likes it It's so hard to chew No more sugar cane Seems a lot but within moments of eating, they are almost gone

If squeeze, we might get a lot of juice from them They are not that hard so we can bite and chew them Some varieties, you can't bite like this He breaks them with his knees I want more

More No more I've chew a chunk still another portion left Allow me to hand over this task Oh my! This is more than a sewing machine

It's fast like a serger machine Mommy, I want to be like my Dad too Like what? I want to be like my Dad too, he's so fast It's good Eat faster too

Look at the peel, a whole bunch My teeth hurts I bite it so hard Your pants is getting wet from the dripping Too sweet and juicy

Harvesting the lettuce leaves again That's all there is I don't know what to cook today There's lots of green onions growing Therefore, I thought of a dish

I'm going to let you take a guess what am I going to make today? This dish use quiet a bit of lettuce This time I harvest it down a lot Here's my Cambodian mint I'm going to just clip a little bit We clip them often

That's why not much left Used some with baby duck eggs the other day When we boil octopus and shrimp we like to eat it with this mint Here's the green onion, the ingredient that inspired me to make this dish today There's a lot of it

We keep planting the stems I am going to cut a lot for use Now got another herb added This last herb is the mint I've harvest a small colander worth

Come and see what I am going to make with these ingredients Here it is We are going to make Banh Hoi (a type of rice noodle) Here's the brand and the type of rice noodles I am using This package cost just a little over $1 USD I like to use this kind now because it's so easy to use

On the package it says "ready in 4 minutes" It's much easier than the kind where you have to boil the noodles Like the noodles or the vermicelli thread It comes in little sheets like this i just open the package and use it

Take out as many as you want to eat The sheets are thin Place them in a large basin and have a pot of boiling water waiting I am going to use the whole package

Here's my boiling water ready to go I am going to pour the boiling water into this basin After you pour it in make sure all the rice sheets are submerge Let it soak for 2 mins, no more than this Then strain out the water and rinse it in cold water

I had just rinse them in cold water then place them in a colander to strain out the excess water It cannot be use yet You must wait another 10 mins About 10-15 mins The rice sheets will be soft and dry Not flimsy like this as right now it's still a bit soaking wet

This is fresh roasted peanuts The peels will be removed in just a bit Roast them like this, it's more fragrant This is pork It's plain

I'm going to remove and slice it in a bit Here's the freshly harvest green onions I am going to slice it and use it to make green onion oil Then use it to brush on the rice sheets Because I have a lot of these that's why I wanted to make Banh Hoi

The green onion will wilt once the hot oil hits it You get just a little bit left Here's the rice sheet that's been rested It's nice and chewy, not soggy anymore I lay them out on a flat plate or tray sheet by sheet I'm waiting for the oil to heat up Then I am going to pour it on top of these green onions

Then brush onto these rice sheets To make them nice and fragrant plus adds color to make it more appetizing My oil is not only hot but smoking hot You want it to get this hot before you use it Just hot a lone is not enough, don't use it yet

Another method is to add oil to the green onions and then place it in the microwave to cook I am done with my rice sheets If not eaten right away, wrap it up so it does not dry out Banh Hoi during Coronavirus time It's not properly done and with complete ingredients

I just use what I have It's not easy to go out and buy the ingredients unless we plan ahead So for my vegetables, I don't have much Just the vegetables and herbs harvest from the garden Short of cucumbers

I plant them too but it's not growing yet Banh hoi and pork The pork we can freeze it The rice sheets are dried, so it can be bought and stored in advance The sweet fish sauce I premade by the jar

When it's time to eat I just add peanuts and chili I name this Banh Hoi Corona(virus) Will remember it forever, right? Now we are going to enjoy this What's happened to your finger? I was cutting apple and I cut my finger What did you use to cut? I used a knife to cut because I think I am a big girl

You think you are a big girl so you use a knife to cut? I think I am big like you I want to be big Why didn't you ask Mommy to do it? I don't want to because I think I am a big girl I think so I want to do it by myself

I don't want my Dad to see it What would happen? He sees it, he hit me Why would he hit? I don't know Papa will stop loving Oun Naly and Mommy loves Oun Naly

Why do you say Mommy loves you? Because Mommy listens to me I want Mommy to listen to me Let's see where the cut is My finger hurts See? Mommy, can you go get a band-aid? OK OK? Yesterday evening I came out to check my cherimoya I notice this flower right here it opened a little

We placed a tape near it so we remember When it just opened, it's a female stage It's now been 24 hours and it's widely open I hope that it's now changed to a male stage Just happens that there's another flower that was still closed last night this one right here and this morning that one opened

While the first flower is now at a male stage I have to collect it's pollen and use it to pollinate this flower To collect the pollen I have to sacrifice this flower Remove it So you can see the inside When the flower changes to a male stage the pollen becomes dry and a bit black

To remove the pollen, I use a brush and brush it out Use this small cup to collect the pollen See the pollen? If the cup is black, you would see it clearer This is a makeup brush Sacrifice one for fruits The pollen

Just a little bit but can be use To pollinate I am going to use the pollen I just collected and use a brush to pick it up make sure it sticks to the brush Then insert it into the flower Hold the cup underneath to catch excess then insert the brush right in the middle Brush it on lightly

This is called hand pollinating cherimoya The leftover pollen can be saved for a few days In case a few more flowers opens tomorrow I can use the pollen again I just pollinate this and to mark that it's been pollinate I break a bit off one of the petal That's it

All done Now he's removing some leaves and the smaller branches We notice there's just too many leaves and this variety has very large leaves We already removed the leaves once in March Just 2 months and it's full again

When there's too much leaves we can barely see some of the flowers Look at the size of the leaves They still continue to grow larger Also if it were to flower, it would have done so This has already grow out a lot and yet to see any flowers

If it were to flower, it would do so even if the branch is small See? There's 2 of them in this spot The branch is small Once it's pruned it's going to be spacious sunlight and air can circulate It's not too late to strip the leaves because this one is the tree we just bought and we also strip the leaves

Small buds starting to grow There's a viewer that asked me what variety is this crab apple? Like mentioned in my past vlogs I got this tree 2 years ago It was a house warming gift This is the first year we saw flowers and now there's 3 crab apples It's the sour variety that you eat with salt & chili dip

You can also pickle them This one here is a standard size apple This is a graft branch So this variety is grafted on the crab apple Now it looks more open

We want to cut off this branch because it's so low Since we are going to cut it off, might as well try to air layer it If it works, great If not we have to cut it off anyways The same with this one

It's too low It's goes downwards We kept the top portion like here and here Don't want new flower and fruit, it would be at the tip the branch might snap If the new blooms come out here when we pollinate and it fruit the branches are stronger to hold it

This is the first time we are trying this method Usually, like last year, we just strip it once in the begining of the season and that's it This year there's just too many leaves growing The tree is getting bigger and bigger so the leaves are growing more and more This is my pea eggplant tree

It's loaded with blooms 10 times more than last year Maybe because we pruned it This time on lower branches Lots of clusters

Last year it flowered but sparse Like only a few pea eggplant per cluster We didn't get much when harvest Also some were too high My vlog is just about gardening around the house and cooking in the kitchen

That's all I have to share with you I want to thank you very much for watching my vlogs See you in the next episode OK? Thank you very much, bye-bye

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New Cookery Recipes
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