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(liquid pours) – I'm still gonna be messy I'm so messy, oh no! Oh no! That's what paper towels are for

I should be sponsored by Bounty or something (upbeat music) Recipes, life hacks, and everyday tips Welcome to Sasha in Good Taste (laughing) Hey there, welcome to Sasha in Good Taste Today, we are gonna be enjoying summertime by making an awesome peach crumble and a hard peach ice tea

Baking can seem really intimidating, and to be honest, sometimes it is, but this recipe isn't because this is just delicious peaches, and you mix together a simple crumble You throw it in there, and you bake it That's it, and it's something that you can whip up with a ton of other food and desserts and not have to sweat about it Let's get started (air whooshes) I cut up eight peaches

In a separate bowl, we are gonna add peaches They're actually chopped A 1/4 cup of sugar That's it, the sugar's gonna soak into the peaches Now, we are going to work on our crumble

A 1/2 cup and an extra two tablespoons of flour 2/3 cup of brown sugar An 1/8 of nutmeg An 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon A little sprinkle of sea salt

A 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder Mix this together (calm music) We are gonna add a 1/3 cup of butter I have a handy-dandy tool like this, but sometimes you're gonna need to use your hands, so feel free to get up in there (calm music) I'm gonna go in and use my hands because you wanna make sure that the butter gets in there

(calm music) Our crumble is pretty much there (calm music) So, before you add in all your ingredients, make sure to preheat your oven to 375 Now that our crumble is ready, we're gonna add a teaspoon of lemon juice (calm music) We're gonna add our peaches to our baking dish Yay

Spread them out evenly Awesome, and now we're gonna layer our crumble evenly as well (calm music) We are gonna bake this for about 30 minutes Once your crumbles are looking nice and toasty and brown, your peaches are bubbling, you know that it's ready So, I'm gonna throw this in the oven, and I will be back

(air whooshes) Yay, we have our delicious peach crumble that I'm so excited to get into All right, so I'm gonna let this cool, and then we're gonna move on to making this hard peach ice tea that I love (air whooshes) What you need is one cup of your favorite whiskey, five cups of black ice tea, a cup and a 1/3 of your favorite peach nectar, two and a 1/2 ounces of maple syrup, and then some ice for afterwards I'm gonna pour all of our liquids in here (calm music) I'm gonna stir it up

(calm music) We are gonna add this to our pitcher (liquid pours) (calm music) So, I don't put ice in my pitcher because I don't wanna dilute it, but I do chill the tea until we're ready to serve it I'm gonna grab some ice cubes, and then we are gonna try this out I'll be back If you watched the popsicle and floral ice cube episode, you will know how to make these, but if not, go check 'em out

You can see that they have some rosebuds in it This has a full blown rose in it (ice clinks in glass) (ice clinks in glass) Don't break your glasses (liquid pours) I know we need to try these (sings) You can have the full on rose

– Thank you – Cheers (clinks glasses) – Cheers – Love you – Love you

(calm music) That's really yummy – Hey, would you like to grab some bowls and some vanilla ice cream? We can try the crumble – Yes (air whooshes) – This is delicious – Yes

– Mm-hm – My favorite part of the show, the end when I get – (laughs) to eat everything – I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as we did I can't wait to see you guys make this – So good

– Send me your photos with the hashtag Sasha in Good Taste, and tune in for more – Like, scribe – Scribe, ooh – Mm – Subscribe

– Be a scribe (laughing) – Comment below with your favorite peach recipe, and I can't wait to see it hashtag Sasha in Good Taste, and let's do some more fun things I've never seen you eat a dessert so fast – It's so good (calm music)

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