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peri peri chicken/perfect nandos style/How to cook chicken/পেরি পেরি চিকেন/ নান্দোজ স্টাইল



peri peri chicken with sauce peri peri sauce the must ingredient please check my description box for its recipe 250 gm chicken breast, soak in salt water for 10 minutes to make the chicken juicy now after draining the water from chicken, marinate it with these ingredients 1 cup peri peri sauce 15 TBS single cream 1 TBS garlic-ginger paste 1 TBS chilli & peprika powder 2 TSF lemon juice & vinegar 1 TSF soya sauce half TSF white pepper half TSF black pepper salt to taste marinate the chicken for 1 hour later i will make another sauce with the left over sauce give 2 TSF olive oil in the marination in a baking tray put aluminium foil & brush oil use silicone brush put the marinating chicken pieces apply some gravy over chicken & left some to apply later cover the tray with aluminium foil to save from dryness now bake for 30 minutes 180 C turn over & bake another 30 minutes now remove the cover & bake for 30 minutes 200 C after 15 min check & turn over mix some peprika on left over gravy & apply over the chicken now 230 C increase to dry water so total baking time 1 hour brush oil on the grill pan heat it highly now grill the chicken pieces apply some oil when grilling now put oil in a frypan heat it & put the left over sauce with cream cook it until the oil seperated add some peprika for coloring & spicy now sauce ready now ready NANDO'S restaurant style PERI PERI CHICKEN please subscribe my channel & give like please see my PERI PERI RICE RECIPE & PERI PERI SAUCE RECIPE IN DESCRIPTION BOX thanks for watching

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