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Peshawari kahwa recipe||how to make peshawari kahwa||recipe in urdu/hindi(English Subtitles)



in the name of ALLAH,the most merciful,the most kindhello friends! we are making peshawari kahwa today

or peshawari green tea i have taken 1 tbsp of sugarfor one cup of kahwa tea you can add sugar as per your taste two crushed green cardamoms

you can use cardamom powder as well and normal green tea 1/4 tspvery small amount of green tea and one and half cup of water for one cup of tea pour water into sauce pan and add green cardamoms and sugar as well

i am adding these two ingredients before cookingbecause i want to fully boil cardamoms and sugar with water tea will have strong aroma of cardamoms if you add cardamoms after the water starts boiling than it will niether get that aroma

nor the sugar will dissolve completely sugar has its own strong flavour it starts boiling now i will add green tea leaves in itits not more than a pinch

added green tea in it after adding green tea i will cover and leave it on lower flame for 5 minutes dont leave it more than 5 minutesotherwise its colour gets darker with time and it tastes slightly bitter as well

it should be like this light yellow golden colour this is the right colour for this particular tea(peshawari kahwa) pouring into a cup have added sugar already these quantities of ingredients are for one cup kahwa only if you are making more cups than add the ingredients as per your requirement

always add too little amount of green tea leaves for perfect results little amount of green tea will make the perfect flavour and perfect colour if you add more green tea leaves than obviously it will make tea darker mostly people complain that green tea becomes brown or darker colour this is the reason that they use too much of green tea

(like 1tsp in 1 cup) so always add few leaves and leave it on lower flame for 5 minutes lemon is optionalits not included in original recipe its being enjoyed with green cardamoms only thanks for watching


Source: Youtube

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