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Phulkopir Shingara Recipe with Perfect Folding Technique—Winter Special Bengali Spicy Stuffed Pastry



Phulkopi’r Shingara; shing-ara: deep-fried pastry with a savoury or sweet filling a special treat during winter, when cauliflower is in season makes 12 singaras maida (all-purpose flour) 240g salt 5g sugar 12g ghee 35g ghee (instead of oil) makes the pastry flaky, besides adding flavour rub maida and ghee together until they acquire breadcrumb texture this step is important for flaky pastry, so take your time water 80–85g at room temperature this is a tight dough, it may seem dry at first, but resist the urge to add more water don’t overknead the dough as that will form gluten and make the crust chewy just when the loose crumbs are incorporated cover and let it rest resting the dough will allow the flour to absorb water, making it more pliable potatoes 500g potato skin adds flavour; leave it on soak potatoes in water and scrub clean before using 1cm cubes phulkopi (cauliflower) 125g phulkopi’r shingara, a winter treat, is best made with cauliflower that is in season in winter it does not taste good with out-of-season cauliflower 1cm florets green chillies 4g ginger 18g a pinch of salt crush to a paste shingaras should be hot (jhal-jhal); crushing green chillies enhances heat and flavour peanuts 30g dried red chillies 2 pcs panch phoron ¾ tsp (link in description) kasuri methi ½ tsp beetnoon (black salt) 4g salt 6g sugar 6g you can store it in an airtight jar chaat masala 6g alu’r torkari moshla mix red chilli powder 3g coriander powder 5g turmeric 4g gorom moshla 2g aamchur powder 2g dried-mango powder cumin powder 4g, coriander powder 5g, turmeric 4g, red chilli powder 3g, aamchur (dried mango) powder 2g gorom moshla 2g, chaat masala 6g for this recipe, we need just 6g of the moshla mix heat 25g mustard oil until it smokes gently and changes colour to a pale yellow peanuts fry until golden set aside phulkopi fry on medium-high heat until golden browning cauliflower brings out its flavour set aside dried red chillies panch phoron; wait until methi fenugreek) in it turns red potatoes salt we don’t add hing to phulkopi’r shingara as we find it overpowers the smell of the cauliflower fry potatoes on medium heat until golden ginger and green chilli paste fry for 2 minutes we like our shingara filling to have texture to keep potatoes chunky, we’re frying them rather than using boiled potatoes, which get mashed easily 6g moshla mix crushed kasuri methi a splash of hot water keep frying until potatoes are cooked stir regularly add a splash of hot water if mixture sticks to the pan fried phulkopi fried peanuts sugar black salt shingaras, usually sold in sweet shops, have a savoury-sweet taste keep cooking until the juices dry up cool completely before filling the shingaras divide the dough in 60g portions each portion will yield 2 shingaras keep covered when not using so that the dough doesn’t dry out shingaras have a thinner crust than samosas roll to 2mm thickness roll out an oval shape the dough is stiff; roll patiently 16cm 28cm divide apply water (water + flour = glue) make a cone by sticking the straight sides together rest the seam on your thumb 50g filling; don’t overfill—difficult to seal ; don’t underfill—empty pockets will ruin the shape apply water around the mouth this double-fold forms a base, which allows the shingara to sit upright shingara are started in lukewarm oil at 70°C you should be able to dip your finger in it without flinching fry on medium-low heat the maximum oil temperature at this stage should be ~120°C you should see little bubbles in the oil, and not vigorous activity if you fry at a high temperature, the outside will brown while the inside remains doughy turn every 5 minutes fry until golden; each batch should take about shingaras are scorching hot they need to rest at least 15 mins before you can take a bite 🙂 look at the folds! doodh cha (link in description)

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