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Pickled Pepper And Vinegar Seasoning Are A Must To Cook This Classic Home-Cooked Dish!



The more common the dish is The stronger its vitality is For example, twice-cooked pork slices Shredded pork with green pepper Shredded pork with chives Shredded pork with chives Is a well-known home-cooked dish Accompanying everyone's growth Master's dish, homely taste I'm Lei Xian Hua This dish is very simple It can be found in high class restaurant Small restaurant Everyone is able to cook it Firstly, we choose tenderloin It's tender Slice meat Shred it Slice garlic Slice ginger Cut pickled pepper into the shape of horse's ear Cut leek sprouts into 5 cm long pieces After that, we start to prepare base Soy sauce Pepper Soy flour Scallion ginger water, it helps to remove oil and improve taste Cooking wine Egg white makes the pulled meat even more tender Add some cooking oil, it makes the pulled meat smoother And then we start to prepare thickener Salt Pepper Soy sauce Cooking wine Vinegar Watery soy flour After preparing the thickener, leave it first After heating the pot, add oil and pork oil It tastes better After the oil is warmed up, add the pulled meat It becomes smooth, it turns white Add the ginger slices, garlic slices Pickled pepper, leek sprouts After adding the leek sprouts, you need to act fast Add the thickener Cook uniformly, not more than 5 seconds before serving What's special about shredded pork with chives? It's tender, leek sprout is crispy Little spicy, little sour It's a dish with multiple taste

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