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Pineapple kesari recipe in malayalam/ sweet and tasty/Dessert/പൈനാപ്പിൾ കേസരി



hi you all have reached??? i was waiting to see you all today a new guest will come here so grandma is busy cooking in the kitchen dont you all want to see??come come come come grandma what are you going to make today?? grandma what are you making ?? am making a sweet today what sweet?? pineapple kesari today few uncles and aunties are comingis it??to give them am making today grandma is going to make pineapple kesariisnt it grandma?? so let me show you what are all the ingredients needed for it??come cashewnuts and raisins, little water semolina/rava ,saffron, ghee sugar, pineapple juice,then raisins and cashewnuts grandma

will you make it?? you should not give them without giving mei want it first thats for suregrandma will give you first,then only will give them all shall call you once its readypranus taste it first,then only will give them let grandma make itshall we go and play?? hi brothers,hi sisters,am your own pranavwelcome to my youtube channel you dont forget to subscribepress the bell icon too lets see how to make pineapple kesari firstly

this is 5 tablespoon gheefrom that pour 2tablespoons lets fry cashew and raisins to this add 1cup rava,lets fry that keep it in medium flame and fry it use bombay rava ,if availablebuy that if you use fine rava, it may get mushy should be little big rava this is now ready, lets transfer it to a plate if semolina is not sauted well,kesari may get mushy this is the consistency should be fried little more than we fry for making upma its readylets transfer to a plate now add 25 cups of water measured in the same cup in which we measured rava let it boil well now the water has boiled wellwe need to add roasted rava little by little without lumps forming once you add rava keep stirring continuously see that no lumps are present in it never add sugar together with it once its cooked well ,and water has absorbed completely ,add sugar water has fully absorbed now now lets add sugar for one cup rava am adding 3/4th cup sugar

am adding a little less only because we need to add pineapple juice,which is also sweet at this point add a pinch of salt sugar has melted this is now half a cup pineapple juice donot grind the pineapple in mixie,blend it in a juicer or you can handpress and extract too if you grind it too much,it may taste bitter keep stirring to prevent lumps forming at this point check for sweetness,if not sufficient you can add more sugar food color can be addedam using here,saffron soaked in hot water am gong to pour that for colouring only a mild colour may occurif making for parties,if you want more colour ,you can add food colours at this point add some cardamom powder add ghee to it this is now 3tbspn gheeinitially we added 2 tbspn for frying fried raisins and cashews keep stirring ,when the ghee starts separating from the sides now kesari is ready now off the flame pranupranuwhat grandma?? come herepineapple kesari is ready i guess shall we go and see??comeyou also come with mecome comecome come what grandma?? see

pineapple kesari is readythen shall i taste it first?? grandma its superb what about for all others?? theres other for guests lbut you should not eat fullyeat little its yummyit just melts in your mouth

super taste before guest comes comes let me finish eating thisbye bye you all should try it at your home you should send me comments, do share ,do subscribe and press the bell icon too next day untill i see you all,this is pranu signing off bye bye see you soonmwaahhhh let me finish eating thistomorrow i shall meet you with a new dishbye bye bye-bye you

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