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Pizza Stone OR Pizza Steel? Best way to cook Pizza.



(metal clangs) – Pizza stone versus pizza steel which one bakes the best pizza? Today on GardenFork a taste test stone versus steel let's try this, see what happens Ready? GardenFork, making things, making food

If I can do it, you can do it So throughout our pizza series, we've been baking in my normal kitchen oven here in New York with some clay terracotta tiles Does that make the camera weird? Yes it does which I could clean a little bit better, and they've been good pizzas, but there is a number of people that commented, thank you for commenting, and they said you should try, wait for it, this heavy thing It's called a steel, a baking steel or a pizza steel This is actually a thin one, and it is heavy

So I wanted to go with you on this ride today Does this really make a difference? Does this make better pizza or does these light weight tiles are much easier to deal with So, first, I'm gonna womp these both up, and while they're womping we're gonna make dough (alarm beeps) Take this all the way up Take it to 500, oh one more

Go! So this is the last video I think in our pizza making series I've been working with, and we've (rolls lips) blah, I can talk We've been making pizza dough a bunch of different ways, and I discovered the Instant Pot method really does work really well There'll be links to all these videos I'm mentioning at the end of the show after the taste test The taste test is important, so stick around, but anyway, we're gonna make an Instant Pot dough while that is heating up, okay? (machine clatters) (flour thuds) So this is the fastest pizza dough, and I've been really happy with it, and the camera's tilting, sorry But this goes together right quick, boom done

Heat up the oven, good to go A number of you suggested when I'm hydrating the yeast to add a little sugar Thank you for that 110, this whole recipe is in one of our previous in the pizza series, but we'll just go through this real quick Some sugar, or you could use honey

Mix that (machine whirs) Hey, I put the sugar in the warm water to activate the yeast, and it's outdated yeast, and I thought it would bubble more than this, what do y'all think? Let me know in the comments what I'm doing wrong, and I mean we should just move forward, 'cause that's what I'm about, let's try it Okay? Here we go (taps glass) Don't forget the olive oil this time, okay? (machine whirs) I think I see some bubbles here So, we are good to go

(spoon clinks) (machine whirs) Alright, a little more flour It's just a little damp More damp than I like (chill guitar music) I just like to, I just kind of roll it in a little bit of extra dough, and now I'm gonna separate this into two pieces, 'cause we're making two pizzas here This was a mistake I made the last time which you can watch in the last episode

Does that look about the same? So I'm just gonna make these into balls The other one, this is, I've had a lot of fun makin' this pizza series here I can't really form this I'm tryin' to get my face in the camera and the dough and the board I'll just stand up

See how that kind of just smooths over real nice? Tuck in the bottom It's like we know what we're doing or something This is scary Hello This is now my go to pizza dough recipe, and it's really simple

Take this (oil can hisses) (oil can hisses) That wouldn't hurt would it (machine beeps) (machine beeps) Okay our steel and our tiles are heating up Oven's at five, oh sorry, the oven's at 500 This is proofing

Alright, so everything is according to plan Isn't that strange for GardenFork I'm lookin' forward to this I spent all day up on a ladder in a bathroom tryin' to fix a giant hole in a ceiling In addition to pizza, we also do DIY videos, but our dough is proofing

Is that the word? Is that the right word? Let me know These things are womping up, and I'm excited I love pizza Do you love pizza? (doorbell rings) But I am curious whether the outdated yeast will work or not So you'll have to stick around to the end and see what happens with that

(machine beeps) Nice So, for comparison purposes, ooh, I just dribbled that I've made a simple sauce that I will now clean up Alright Oh, is that cool

That's great I'm gonna take one and just cover it Oh, that was delicate wasn't it, graceful Hold on I'm gonna cover this with this, but I just, it just, well it just did what it did as you saw that

Okay, this is gonna be covered with this So I talk about making the dough in one of our previous videos of the series here, but this looks really nice Nice, huh? Oh, that looks a little thin Okay, maybe too thin Okay, that's a little bit of a mistake, but on GardenFork we leave the mistakes in

If this is your first time here, and my whole thing is life is messy so is GardenFork So I'm just gonna push forward, 'cause I'm hungry, and that is like life So we're just gonna make pizza, and enjoy it anyway (relaxed guitar music) Turn the oven off Turn your broiler on

So we're gonna do the stone tiles Oh, they're kind of crooked Well that's how they're gonna be So, maybe I should fix that (metal scratches) And it doesn't wanna come off

Uh-oh, it doesn't wanna come off Hold on Okay, I slid it on to here, and now I'll slide it onto here Maybe (metal scraps) (pizza sizzles) Oh, that's gonna be a mess

That's going to be a bad mess Fan on, and it's it's not lookin' too bad Getting that out might be interesting Oh, this is a spectacular mess Oh man

There we go So for the sake of our test, there is viable crust there we can sample with one heck of a hole in it (laughs) Alright, let's make the second one with the pizza steel Okay, so now, I've gotta get that steel up there That up there

Two hands I think Oh geez How 'bout that? Alright I'm just gonna womp that for a minute, and oh, turn the broiler on Baking off, broiler on

So there is a salvageable sample piece here I think Right here Oh, it just slid right off You were looking at the camera saying that pizza number one was too thin weren't you Alright, so, six minutes, pizza test

Stick to the end So if you wanna upgrade, oh, that's doin' messin' the camera If you wanna upgarde your oven outside, portable brick pizza oven That's messin' the camera up Anyway, at the end here of the series, I will link to portable brick oven I built and you can build

(knocks) Go from this, outdoor brick oven, really easy (pizza sizzles) That, well that's what the first one's supposed to look like too, but very nice (dog barks) Are we on a pizza vigil? I think so (dog barks) Pizza stone, pizza tile Pretty good

Pizza steel Pizza steel wins I'll link the steel I'm using in shots below Video's right here How to make the dough, use the Instant Pot, and make your brick oven

Alright I'll see you in the next video

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