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PIZZUCHINI: Sautéed Zucchini Recipe with Gluten Free Pizza Mix | Couples Cooking



is that recording over there? welcome back to my channel welcome back to my channel it's another recipe video i'm going to be showing you recipe for pizzuchini zucchini fried in gluten free pizza mix for me fried zucchini have a special meaning because growing up in russia in moscow we would grow our own zucchini in our countryhouse (dacha) and then my grandmother would fry them regular flour dipped in egg and then we would pour sour cream and eat it with dill this new gluten free twist one fried zucchini warms my heart makes me feel like home and I hope you try this easy recipe is that recording over there? these are insane make sure you get as much salt as possible on the floor and on the countertop do you think that TV chefs get their hands shaved? how to make a boyfriend make you lunch: you set it all up and then you tell him you want his advice yeah I'm sure that works for every boyfriend [both laugh] so, let's make pizzuchini let's make lunch we have zucchini which are really good I picked them up at the farmers market look how bright they are I'm using the Brandless gluten free pizza crust I have another video linked below where I talk about my favorite products from Brandless every single product there is $3 and it's high quality all that's in it is brown rice flour and all kinds of spices like onion powder, oregano I don't know what it is but the combination of spices makes it taste like pizza I got their chili flake and garlic spice blend in case we want to make it just a little more spicy the Brandless measuring spoons I don't know how I've been living without measuring spoons crushed chili flakes+ I like it spicy I always have a side of these this spatula to flip my pizzuchinis I've got this plate where we're going to serve our pizzuchinis definitely reusing this packaging the other two things I got this time the vegetable broth I like having broth on hand I usually steam some sweet potato and blend it with broth if I want to make a really quick sweet potato soup and they just came out with this almond butter I'm about to try it for the first time wow very good let's get cooking putting all the zucchini Eric: did you want me to get my hands dirty? Ksenia: yes alright, I'm mixing up the pizzuchini can I get a little oil on my hands first so that it doesn't stick I feel like that's going to help the pizzuchini not stick we'll see you could spice them after the fact too but when you put this salt on here it absorbs into the zucchini Eric: look at those hairy man hands do you think TV chefs get their hands shaved so that when their hands are in the picture they don't look hairy? Ksenia: I don't know what do you think? Eric: I would probably say they do they probably have very feminine hands I think nobody wants to see a man cooking food with your man hands maybe people do maybe I'm wrong now it's time to pan them you ready? I hope the critics don't pan these though Eric: looks professional doesn't it? alright let's plate these bad boys Ksenia: what do you think? Eric: haven't tried them yet surprisingly let's do it right out of the plate extremely hot you'd be so surprised one: how good they taste and two: how large of a percentage of a meal they can be that will keep you satiated Ksenia: even a man? Eric: that's a tough thing there are a lot of different kinds of men Ksenia: these are insane I wish the plate wasn't so dirty Eric: you know whose fault that is? Mine Ksenia: and this is what the kitchen looks like after cooking Eric: you're supposed to eat this

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