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plant based vegan carrot cake (2020)



Hey you guys! Welcome back to my channel Kierra castle So for today's video, I'm just going to be doing a vegan carrot cake

I am currently preparing for my husband to come home he's coming home from deployment I'm super excited and by the time you watch this video, he'll be home yay I'm so excited but yes Without further ado, let's just get right into the video So here are the ingredients I'm using for my vegan carrot cake exact measurements will be below in the description box so first off I start by preheating my oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit make sure your oven is fully preheated before you start I threw in about two cups of grated carrots which I grated on my own and some flour followed by baking powder and baking soda followed by cinnamon as well as pumpkin pie spice and then I have some brown sugar and pure cane sugar now mix up all the dry ingredients so that they're all mixed in and combined and then after that you're gonna add your wet ingredients and for the wet ingredients they are the milk which I put it in right here as well as Oh some more I put a lot of milk *laughs* as well as the grapeseed oil now I feel like the grapeseed oil made this good and then vanilla extract but definitely you know use grapeseed oil it's a great neutral oil to cook with mix that on up until you get a consistency that looks something like this well it's gonna look better than this but like this is how it's supposed to be looking at this point and then once it gets to that nice little thick consistency that's like dripping a little bit I'm gonna put it in a pan now I did not oil the pan or anything because I had a lot of grapeseed oil in my mixture and trust me when we cut it, it was completely fine and we reused these by the way sustainability but here I am putting it in the oven I let it sit for about 10 minutes so that it could level out in the pan and I let that cook and then I put that on 28 minutes originally but I did add on about 10 minutes because I wanted it to be super super super well done so next onto the icing while that's cooking I started with some roasted cashews unsoaked as well as some almond butter I mean sorry not almond butter I put in apple cider vinegar and plant-based milk and this was yeah this good and then after that mixed a little bit I didn't want that to turn into cashew butter so I put it in the butter as well or the vegan butter as well as the powdered sugar I don't have the exact ingredients because I was eyeing this but if that's something you'd be interested in definitely let me know below and then lastly last but not least I put in the vanilla extract and here is the consistency y'all this stuff was actually really good I will put less ACV next time though but amazing so here's the final cake it looks amazing we put the icing on and while I'm icing the cake I just want to say thank you guys so much for getting me to 640 subscribers today shoutouts actually the vegan wannabe! So thank you girl for commenting or answering the secret question in the video which was what is your favorite store and why so if you want a shout out in the next video all you have to do is comment your favorite vegan recipe and if you don't have a favorite vegan recipe what's your favourite food in general and why you can be featured in the next video so here I am just cutting a slice of the cake after I iced it and y'all half of it's already going and I just made it earlier like it's already half gone look how good it looks and then I fell over *laughs* but here it is but I also wanted to show you what it looked like on Instagram and here is my taste test Taste test for my cake Cheers whoa and that's gonna be gone by tomorrow okay so I hope that was helpful I know it's a short video but baking doesn't take long I mean that actual baking takes long but prepping doesn't but again I post on this channel every Wednesday and Saturday so don't forget to subscribe I love you guys like and comment and I will see you next time we're on our way to 1,000 y'all a thousand subscribers y'all excited? I am! but anyways alright I'll see y'all next time bye

Source: Youtube

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