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Poha Ke Pakode | Poha Cutlet Recipe |



Today we will make Poka Pakoda Which is delicious You can serve it as breakfast or snacks Let's start making Poha Pakode POHA – 1 CUP (FLATTEN RICE) CORIANDER LEAVES- 2 TBSP RICE FLOUR- 3 TBSP SALT TO TASTE AND 1- TSP RED CHILLY POWDER ONION- 1 CHOPPED PEANUT POWDER- 2 TBSP POTATO- 2 GREEN CHILLY- 1, GINGER SMALL MAKE PASTE TURMERIC POWDER- 1/2 TSP CHAAT MASALA – 1 TSP AND OIL FOR FRY Add water and into poha bowl and wash poha Wash poha with hands Remove extra water After remove water add poha into bowl Add little water in it Put for 2 minutes After 2 minutes Remove water from poha and take out into sieve Keep for 15 minutes After 15 minutes poha become dry Take out into big bowl Smash poha with hands Add boiled potato and smashed it Add chopped onion Add roasted peanut powder Add chaat masala Add chopped coriander Ginger and green chilly paste Add red chilly powder Add turmeric powder Add salt to taste Add rice flour Mix well Mixure is ready now For making pakode Take lemon size of dough And make round ball Put it into plate Prepare left over Pakode same way Put oil for hot Balls are ready We need hot oil for fry Put one by one Ball Flip Pakode Check Pakode Fry till they became golden brown Pakode become golden brown Take out into a plate Fry left over Pakode same way Serve into serving plate Serve with tomato ketch up You can serve with green chutney You surely try it ayt home Give me feedback

Source: Youtube

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