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Pork belly marinade recipe (EN subs) | Grill philosophy



Pork belly on charcoals the classic way I've already grilled you'll find it in the link above Today, I'll show how to grill pork belly, marinaded, in the small rods (rotating skewers) as well as on the grilling grate

A special marinade I'll show how to slice the pork belly, how to marinade it and I might say that it's a first-class idea to get together with your company, and share this eclectic recipe Because grilling is communication Let's see step-by-step how to slice it, marinade it and then grill it Grill philosophy: Pork belly marinaded Hello dear friends! I'm George (Yorgos) Mallioras

Along with my brother Andreas we construct grills and ovens Through our channel, Grill philosophy we share with you our passion for grilling As well as the experience we gain grilling Happy grilling to everyone! We will start off with the slicing I'll slice thick the pieces that I'm going to grill on the small rods

And now, thinner slices for grilling on the grate You can see the slices These are our pieces Let's marinade them Spices and marinade Let's prepare the spices

For 2 kg (44 lbs) of pork belly I'll use 30 g (1 oz) of sea salt I use fleur de sel or you can also use natural thick salt 2 tsp sweet chili flakes 0,5 tsp hot chili flakes 1 tsp savory and 1 g (0035 oz) allspice We'll bash them in the mortar to release their aromas which will blend with the salt and this way we'll have a scented salt which we'll add to the meat to marinade it The spices' scents have blended with the salt so we'll have a scented salt Firstly, we add to pork belly 35 ml (1

2 fl oz) orange juice And we're mixing to spread the juice evenly to all the pieces to moisturize them evenly The amount of the juice is such that will be fully absorbed by the meat so we can leave it for 5-10 minutes before getting to the next step that's the seasoning We'll add 1 tbsp orange peel It'll give a unique taste

We're mixing to spread it evenly Very good And we add gradually the salt and spices We're adding and mixing, to have an even ditribution and avoid having the spices in one spot All the spices

The scent that comes to my nostrils is amazing And now for the final step We'll add the meat in a plastic marinade food bag and we'll add 50ml (17 fl oz) sunflower oil We're massaging it to spread the oil throughout

We will marinade for 24 hours approximately in the refridgerator And during these 24 hours it's best to remove the bag from the refridgerator 2-3 times and message the same way We're lighting the charcoals with the kindling on top alcohol soaked cotton because the charcoals light upside down, from top to bottom Easily, quickly and without smoke The charcoals are ready, we're spreading them inside the fire cabin

The ones that aren't fully lit are placed aside The charcoals are of kermes oak and release a very strong heat That's why I'm going to throw charcoal ash And the grilling begins First goes the skewered pork belly on the small rods

Here's also a small trick I just came up with I place first whatever I have for grilling on the grilling grate and then I'm placing the grate on the firecabin It's an ease We're turning quickly the first time Tongs really help in turnings don't use forks and pierce the meat because this way you're losing meat juices Thick sliced pork belly to be skewered on the rods and be grilled in rotation

We'll surely have a different taste result compared to the ones that are on the grilling grate Which one is the best it depends But they will differ Because the pork belly is very fatty and also has the marinade juice we don't worry it burns And it'll turn our juicy, as it should be

We can also swap them the ones that aren't near a strong heat The ones in rotation go well, they're close Be careful with the turnings to give color in both sides Here we'll grill based on the color Since it's a thinner slice, it'll be ready sooner than the thicker slice, that is in rotation on the skewers

We're checking that's the color we're going for, and we're removing We want a goldish color be careful not to overgrill them, like this one Here, this one is ready We'll continue grilling because there are a few more to grill I'll leave a bit more the ones that are on the rotating skewers to gain a bit more color and we'll remove them

Besides that, they're grilled After covering for 6-7 minutes we uncover We'll unskewer the skewered ones first Excellent color, well done let's see their taste Here, lemon would go very well

Fresh lemons from our lemon tree they aren't fully ripen yet but they do have an exquisite scent As per usual, I'm salivating Let's try it

Excellent taste Very sweet Let's try one in rotation Different grilling Much more juicy with rich taste Same ingredients different cut different grilling, different result

Happy grilling everyone!

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