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Pork belly recipe (EN subs) | Grill philosophy



Pork belly slices today! It's a loved Greek appetizer on charcoals and I will show you the simplest way to grill it which is also the fastest It's also great for novice grillers, and for grillers that happened to be in an unscheduled gathering or want to grill something quick as in my case right now that my brother has just arrived with his family -Welcome! -Hello from me, too And we have to grill something quick and in a situation like this pork belly slices are perfect because it's a loved appetizer among children and grown-ups

Besides grilling pork belly slices, we'll also grill some meat rods (kondosouvli) because we are many here today And because we arrived unexpected, there's no marinading today it'll just be a simple grilling process So this is also a quick grilling option because we should consider this as well, the quick grilling Let's see all these! Hello dear friends! -Hello from me, too! We are brothers Malliora, Andreas and Yorgos (George) and we construct grills and ovens Our love and passion for grilling have driven us to create our own channel, Grill philosophy, to be able to spread the word that grilling is communication

So, Happy grilling! -Exactly that Happy grilling everyone! This size and especially this thickness is ideal, I'd say, to grill the pork belly slice to be crunchy and crusty Your butcher can also slice it for you, but I sometimes prefer to personally cut the meat parts when possible and I'm able to do so The rib bone is also included Let's light the charcoals and grill them

Lighting the charcoals and grilling We're lighting the charcoals and, as I've mentioned many times before, charcoals light upside down from top to bottom that's why the kindling is placed on top, alcohol soaked cottons So this way the charcoals light easily, quickly and without smoke Today I'm trying olive tree charcoals The charcoals are ready They light reletively easy

We're spreading them Starting first with the meat rods (kondosouvli) We grill the pork belly slices on a strong fire I haven't used more charcoals alongside so as to grill a second round using the same pile for saving on charcoals And we turn them early for the first time

Here I should point out that we use tongs and not fork to avoid piercing the belly slice This applies to every piece of meat that is grilled on a grilling grate Pork belly slices are easy to grill and perfect for begginers And it's also a very tasty grilled appetizer We continue with the turnings

They have started to take color We could also add some salt if we like just before or during grilling but I prefer to make any taste adjustments at the end on something that is quick to grill We continue with the turnings They have started to take a nice color This golden color fascinates me

When these are ready we'll replace them We continue with the turnings This is the color we're going for

I don't like to make the belly slices too crusty so they can be juicy They we'll be ready to remove in a bit They are quick to grill, they take less than 25 minutes This is the color that it must have to be removed Here it is

Ready Ready, as well Pork belly slices; maybe among the quickest meat grilling options And among the tastier, I'd say Let's place some more on the grate

It's ready And the grilling goes on The skewers will also be ready soon One tablespoon sea salt I prefer fleur de sel and 1/2 tablespoon oregano, freshly ground this will be our flavoring Plenty of lemon and salt with oregano

This alone is more than enough to give a very good tasty to the pork belly slices Let's try it! Excellent taste! In future grillings I'll show you several marinades to marinade your pork belly slices and give different tastes Plenty of lemon here as well And salt with oregano Freshly groung oregano and quality salt

You see, very juicy Rotation always makes the difference Happy grilling to everyone! Grilling is communication

Source: Youtube

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