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Posna pogača na vodi – Video recept



Hello and welcome to my chanel Today we make vegan bread with no oil Verry tasty bread 20 gr of fresh yeast Add 1 spoon of sugar from 500 ml of warm water, we will separate one part andd ad to yeast and sugar stir and leave the yeast to the side 10 minutes Mix 500 gr of flour with 1 spoon of salt subscribe to chanel click bell icon add yeast and rest of warm water mix and stir The dough should be sticky Cover with a plastic bag leave the dough to double Mix the dough slightly with flour Place baking papers in the round baking tray and add flour Tap it with your hand if you want to cut the dough with a knife Heat the oven at 200 c (392F) put bread in reduce the temperature to 180 C (356F) Bake 25-30 minutes sprinkle with water over bread If you like this recipe hit like button or share with youre friends Thank you for watching! bye!

Source: Youtube

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