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Power Grill Summer Recipes | Chipotle Chicken and Grilled Corn Salsa



Hi everyone, Eric Theiss here and I'm just about to grill on my new Power Grill This is an amazing indoor grill and it's a great value here at Sam's Club

What makes this grill really stand out is the breakthrough smoke extraction technology It's designed to eliminate the smoke so it's perfect indoors because it won't set off the smoke detector or leave your kitchen filled with a smoky smelly haze Great food always tastes better when you're cooking on the grill and Sam's Club Members Mark foods are great for grilling with the Power Grill so let's get started Alright you know what we're gonna do now? We're going make a little Chipotle rub chicken with a corn salsa on the Power Grill It's gonna be easy fun and fresh it's gonna be absolutely delicious

What I'm going do is I'm gonna rub my chicken with some cumin and some salt and some pepper and then I'm gonna rub a little chipotle paste over it and that's it we're gonna grill it up and then I'm gonna show you how to make a quick corn salsa right on the Power Grill So the corn that I grilled earlier is done I took the corn off I'm letting my chicken finish cooking Look it's looking great so now after you grill the corn just take a knife and just cut the kernels off just like this We want that fresh grilled corn taste and our corn salsa, oh man nothing smells like summer than grilled corn What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put in some lime juice and tomatoes, some jalapenos, salt and pepper, some fun colored peppers, we're gonna do a little cilantro, onion

I'm gonna put a little cumin in here too, just want to give it a little bit of that grilled Mexican flavor so it's just that easy you want to let it marinate for about an hour in the fridge that's it Let your chicken finish cooking and then what you're gonna do is you're gonna plate the corn salsa on a nice pretty plate look at that doesn't that look good? So fresh you can smell it The cilantro smells great Now we're gonna hit it with a little bit more herb right here Now my chicken is done look how good my chicken looks

It smells fantastic Practically no smoke Alright so now what we're gonna do is we're just simply going to plate the chicken right on top of the corn salsa and then we're gonna garnish it up to look pretty So what's great about this is it's full flavor but it's really really healthy because it's so low in fat Corn is fantastic the chicken it's white meat chicken virtually fat-free it of course there's a little bit skin on there but you know what I love about the skin? When you grill it it's easy to take off if you don't like it

I love it because I love the flavor Now I like to put a little extra lime juice on top of the chicken and then what we're gonna do is we're just gonna finish it off with some really pretty large cilantro leaves When you finish up the platter like this it doesn't take a lot of extra effort but man does it look so much prettier when you just take the extra time do a little garnish or two A little Chipotle grilled chicken, a corn salsa, all grilled on the Power Grill Almost no smoke and look at that healthy and delicious dinner

Grill virtually smokeless indoors without door results check out this great Power Grill value here at Sam's Club!

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