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Primitive technology part 34: Spicy Grilled Shrimp Recipe – Cute girl cooking | EngSub



Next is dipping That's too good Dipping with chili Shrimps are very sweet Eating shrimps with the smoke, I feel this place is so virtual Hello everyone Today I will make one dish called grilled shrimp I have a knife on my hand I will use some sticks around here to make a stove for baking Let's go These are eucalyptus phloem I will have a nice stove today

Let's making fire me I chose make the stove here where is shady and near the lake Let's do it together My stove is created, what I need to do now is making fire and putting a brick on I have a kilogram of shrimps They are so fresh, I've just bought them from the market I will go to wash them now My stove is ready to be burnt, I am about to make fire and bake I made chopsticks for baking Now, I will take honey to cover on the brick I have a bowl of honey on my hand Now I will use this brush to cover honey on shrimps Baking shrimps with honey must be very attractive I guess you have never done this dish I will do it today Now put shrimps on the brick See, my shrimps turn red, it's a sign of ripening The brick is too hot now My shrimps is getting ripe now I just wait them to be yellow, I will flip them then Shrimps are pready to be ripen We use cooking oil when grilling shrimps at home It will make shrimps more tasty and more crunchy and not stick to the pan But today I use honey instead of It will make shrimps don't stick to the brick My challange today is baking shrimp with honey I think it will be very delicious I am very waiting for this Now, I will flip shrimps The shrimp head catches heat not good so it's a little bit black See My shrimps start to shrink Ok, my shrimps are ripe now

I will add a little honey to them now My shrimps emit creaking sound The sauce of them is dropping We need to wait for a while to make it soaked with honey We will enjoy it and do the next ones Now, I am doing the dipping sauce Lemon, chili and herbs Cut into small pieces I will add two thirds of the lemon to the dipping sauce And a little bit of fish sauce Mix it My dipping sauce is finished OK, they are ripe now I will the take shrimps in the first time out to enjoy and get ready to do the second time with others shrimps The second time baking Let's enjoy them now Eat shrimps made by Nga Quynh It's great The honey outside is sweet and smell But the honey is a little bit burnt Next is the shrimps meat Fragrant, I can not wait any longer I will wat it after peeling Smell so so good Dipping Next is dip with dipping sauce Deliciuos Dip with chili It's sweet and tough Eating when baking, I feel the scene is so virtual Eating like this is so wonderful

Me with the plate of shrimps I and my brother like eating shrimps very much Because he is little than me so I often eat big ones But today I eat big ones small ones, all of them Dipping And go to my stomach As I told in the previous clips, I like sour dish very much so I put chili in all dish Spicy taste make shrimps more tasty To know how it taste, you must be here and enjoy it You can't image it only when watching my clip I've never made such a good dish like this As always, I do it with cooking oil or not but today I use honey, its sweet taste made this dish more delicious Great I've eaten almost of them This is the biggest shrimp of my life Going picnic with some friends and eating this dish with some bear can make your friendship last long I will make my friends go with me and do this one day Fragrant I think if you want to go with family or friends, find a pace that resonate, harmony with nature Doing some dish yourself, it will be a memorable holiday If you go to homestay to sightseeing, it's like the other trips Try doing like me once I must take a piece of chili Tasty Spicy chili is melting in my mouth I keep saying the shrimp meat is sweet because of they are fresh shrimps Shrimps in the second baking time are finished as you see

They are shrinking and have thier sauce Take them to the plate Remember to be patient when doing this dish in order to make shrimps ripe completely We need to be patient when doing almost of baking dish because we bake it with coal The dish will be ripe slower but will be more tastier Now, I will bring my plate of shrimps to the shady place and enjoy it There is some of ants coming here The deliciousness expressed in some ants Tasty It will be hard if you do grilled shrimps in the summer I am sweat because it's a little hot when doing this dish Perfect If I have 2 kg of shrimp I still eat up because they are too good Shrimp meat is red See? Too tasty Too hot I've just sit near the stove It will be more attractive if you blow while eating Sweet, salty taste of fish sauce made shrimps more tastier I must eat it now Please Like, Subscribe for me And comment some good dishes below I will do them next time Goodbye and see you in my next video

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