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Primitive technology part 40: How to Make Grilled Ribs



Ops, mu rib is too hot Wow, it's so tasty, guys Hello everyone! Today, as you see, I am holding a very large and long rib Today is not like always, I will make toast rib with all of this big rib Now, what I am going to do is marinate it to make dishes Today I will grill it in a very special way Let's wash it first It was cleaned up now I am about to marinate it My condiments includes powder salt, a little onions, garlic, lemon, chili and a little bit coriander Maybe I need to clean coriander first Peel the onion When grilling such a big rib like this, condiments are very important Condiments will make the rib more delicious and more fragrant So I put a little more onion and garlic to have perfect taste Remember, put more onion and garlic to have perfect taste Put onion and garlic into this box DOne Now I will use the knife to cut the rib For the purpose of making the rib ripe faster Now, I will put it here to make it absorb condiments As you see, my rib is absorbing condiments

I will make fire right here I prepared 4 sticks like this I will stick them to the ground You will understand why I do this in a minutes As you see, I prepared a bamboo here But how to toast rib with it, we need to slice the bamboo and knit it into into tools for baking We will not use metal tool like at home because when we go to mountains we can't bring metal tools So I make it with the bamboo See, I finished it It's so nice, right? Remember, when cooking is finished, put out the fire Otherwise, it will cause forest fire Next, I will bake my rib What I need to do now is waiting Your attention is just baked with charcoal, baked by fire will not delicious Maybe, it's ripe below so I will flip it up Wow I will flit it on to make it ripe overhere It looks so tasty When doing this dish, you need to me more patient

Baking time is from 20 minutes to 30 minutes If you bake so fast, the inside of the rib will not be ripen So, doing some baking dishes, you need to be patient Guess what is in the bowl in my hand? It's honey I will bake rib with honey Now, I will sweep honey on the rib first Oh my god, It looks so tasty Ok guys, My rib is about to ripen Now, I am going to make the dipping sauce Done Do you see my dipping sauce Now, I just need to wait for riped rib to eat Continue to baking now My rib is turning yellow Rib sauce is dropping This is a sign of rib maturation Bamboo stick is burned My experience is that next time please make bamboo stick bigger Don't do it small like me because it's easy to be disappear If I am not careful, my bamboo sticks will be broken in a few minutes So lucky, It haven't broken and my rib is about to be ripen Yep, my rib is completed Now Let's enjoy it together See, there is a lake behind me, I am in mountain now

It's very ideal eating place, the wind here is very cool Let's eat rib toasted now If you want to eat more ripe, let the baking time be a little longer To me, I like it a little bit pink like this, because eating like this you will feel the sweetness perfectly And I can feel the sweetness from its bone Dot it The rib is tough, sweet Onion, garlic, dipping sauce, and the beautiful place It's too wonderful This dish is too delicious I think I will take all of the rib and eat it Oh no, I will cut into pieces I feel I am eating the European way Great Too tasty It's ok if you put more chili in the dipping sauce Because this rib is very good with spicy sauce Now, I need to continue eating it Please Like, Subscribe and give your opinion about this dish if you know the other way to make it or make it more tasty, share with me I will do it in the next video Goodbye and see you again!

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